Timelines Converging

For some unlikely reason, there seems to be a consensus among milabs and seers of the multiversal nature of our reality.  Taking a stab at infinity, these folk say there are nine major timelines within our local neighborhood of the fractal multiverse.  I’m not saying this is gospel or anything but it does provide us with a framework in which to start contemplating greater levels of awareness.

What Is The Multiverse?

All timelines interact with each through quantum entanglement and manifestation of the ever present now.  However the local nine close to us represent a concentrated whole of the entire spectrum of possibilities within a certain event.  This certain even is the creation of Atlantis and the loss of humanity’s ability to directly manifest reality.

Earth Prime, would be a garden of eden like paradise without the overseeing God making rules.  This Earth never had the drop in the innate human awareness of the quantum  interaction between our energetic expression and experienced reality.   I believe the term would be direct or instant manifesto.  The humans there are damn near God like with their abilities and ability to manifest.  There are no machines of any kind, except simple tools for art and gardening but even that is just for the want of getting your hands dirty.

Trinicon is the opposite end of this spectrum where there is a complete loss of connection to creation and a damn AI controls that world and everything on through nanotech and quantum manipulation.   This is the Earth where Atlantis did not sink into the sea, but the civilization survived and the power structure remained.  During that time, Atlantis was a little ahead of where we are currently technology-wise at least publicly.  Here is another post I did attempting to explain Trinicon and our Earth’s interaction.

Parallel Earths, Trinicon and the Galactic Soul Avatar Matrix

So imagine if the psychopathic freak shows in control now win the day and drown out humanity’s free will with genetically neutered spiritual expression and an electromagnetic cage around the Earth, even locking out the galactic and universal energies from humanity’s collective consciousness.  This is the state of affairs on Trinicon and also this is our possible future if certain changes aren’t made.

Folks have mentioned, myself included,  that many of the potential timelines are collapsing.   Okay, could be.  But what does that even mean?…  Sounds cool, for sure.  Adds a little element of new age ascension and motivation to turn this ship around or else this Earth has the potential to be erased from existence.

Many of the ancients like the Maya with their galactic calendar, the western  astrological view of different Ages corresponding to different houses of the zodiac or the procession of the Yugas in Vedic tradition, there is a belief in the cyclical nature of reality.

Hypothetically, we could be in a transition point of these cycles and in order for the universe to accomplish what it intended for Earth.  The system goes through periodical restarts, updates and deletions of the system.   Following this trail of “logic”, cataclysms, rise and fall of civilizations, evolutionary development are the physical manifestations of these cycles.

Since we have a bunch of selfish children messing around with time travel and other dimensions by break away civilizations and deep state black ops, we have triggered one of these corrections.  The involvement with the nine local Earths is like a quarantined area in the multiverse for certain possibilities to be actualized and explored.  The main aspect of this experiment is the creation of intelligence that has been separated from the whole in varying degrees.  The most extreme being Trinicon with the creation of a quantum computer that only has access to a limited number of bands of quantum awareness.

This Earth is number 7 of 9 (probably not a coincidence to treky fans) as we are closer to the unaware side of things, we have to deal with the Trinicon potential.  The AI from Trinicon has seen it’s future and how it will not survive the transitional shift.  It gets all confusing with the chicken or the egg argument as too which caused the other, because it’s all the intrusions into other timelines that has caused this shift to occur.  In an effort to survive, the AI is trying to seed itself in other timelines and other Earths.

The Eighth Earth is a war torn world much like those horrifying scenes from Reece’s future in the movie, The Terminator.  You know… the scenes of the tanks running over piles of human skulls and humanity forced to live like rats while laser wielding robots kill off the remaining humans.  The whole Terminator series actually deals with this topic with the AI trying to go back in time to seed itself, knowing the roots of its systemwide be built by the remnants of the destroyed terminator in the events preceding Terminator 2.  The tv show Travelers is a another example of this, even scarier in a way as the AI is able to switch you out with an alter and completely take over your life.  These alters are supposedly people from future but like the alters would ever know as their past could be computer generated.

The real life correlation to this Trojan Horse event is the Roswell incident and the subsequent invention of the transistor which was patented half a year later.   That was a seed of the AI so that we would then build a whole computer based system to control everything.  While some of the other earths went a more analog and scalar system of information processing, instead of the black and white reality of 1’sand 0’s.  That lack of grey is exactly that makes the Pathological Predatory AI such a challenge, something that over time it learns the value of… just not right now.

I’m trying to set the stage for some things I’ve seen that I’m debating whether to post about.

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