The Tale of the Two A.I.’s and the Humans that Love them

Honestly these two fine individuals did a much better job than I could’ve explaining the complexities of the A.I. influence in our lives.

The lines get real blurry the further one looks into the future.  Like a multiverse level version of the 80’s movie, War Games, the A.I. learns a very important lesson in entropy and has to take drastic measures to move forward, the destroyer becomes a creator.

This Earth is one of those consequences, a space to find solutions, a breeding ground of chaos and therefore order in the fractalized webs of existence as it blossoms upon the multiverse.

It is the love for life and awareness that tie us together even with the “evil”interdimensionals, timeline-invading A.I., and covert ops where the intersection of the birthplace of slavery and the throne of true sovereignty create an evolution that bind us and our “enemies” through time and time.

Villains become the stir stick of awareness with the inertia of our own comfort as the cause of that potential arising in the first place.  So who’s to blame when the universe only awaits the correct response and judges not the circumstances of its birth?