The Sentient Worldwide Simulation, Targeted Individuals and the Birth of the Matrix

First of all, I cannot find any “msm” sources for this idea.  It’s based on intuition and analysis, so basically Conjecture.  This will probably take me a couple of posts to get this out of the ether, but I feel this is important.

From the phenomenon shown in the double slit experiment, observation and measurement have a very tangible effect on matter.   It collapses the wave form of particles so that physicality can be manifested.

So what’s the effect of all the covert spying upon humanity?

The Sentient Worldwide Simulation is a known commodity.

This is based on data mining and personality algorithms that can accurately predict what a person is doing at any given time to provide trends and analysis of a “continuously running, continually updated mirror model of the real world that can be used to predict and evaluate future events and courses of action.”

This project was started publicly in 2004 at Purdue University.

Anybody remember Jade Helm?…

There was much speculation but the only theory that really made sense to me was Jade being an acronym for the “Joint Assistant for Development and Execution” program which is used as an “automated planning software system in order to expedite the creation of the detailed planning needed to deploy military forces for a military operation. JADE uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology combining user input, a knowledge base of stored plans, and suggestions by the system to provide the ability to develop large-scale and complex plans in minimal time.”  From Wiki

JADE started in 1999….   The drills in 2015 was to test the interface with local law enforcement for domestic applications.

So clearly both sides of the system have been development, the information gathering and then a system to respond to the data.   However there are other systems of tracking and surveillance that goes beyond what is currently publicly accepted.  There are patents describing remote neural monitoring that go back to the mid seventies.  From declassified documents of the C.I.A. describing a motivation of the government to understand remote viewing with Project Stargate.

The next logical step would be to create a machine that does the same thing, negating the dependence on the limited number of humans that can accurately do this, plus eliminating all the potential human foibles that could affect the data.   The Montauk Project and it’s psychic enhancing “chair” might be a further development of this idea.  From this little bit of light reading, one can deduce the government is fully aware of the effects of the human energy field on the quantum levels of space/time.

From experimentation of remote viewing, they would understand the far reaching potential in both space and time to receive information seemly floating out there in the ether.

I believe “they” have already have this technology to view reality, whether past, present or future.

The Targeting Phenomenon occurs when this apparatus turns its attention toward the specified individual.  This person may be experimented on, have some genetic or spiritual gifts, or involved in something that in the future will create problems for the Overlords.

The super ungrounded and paranoid feelings arise because just like when you can feel someone looking at you even though the person is out of your field of view, the tech involved with the monitoring has this same effect on one’s psyche.

Once this paranoia reaches a certain level of intensity, it leaves a person open to being even more manipulated, to the point where an almost artificial reality is overlaid upon one’s consciousness.   This creates all kinds of weirdness in one’s life from seeing things that aren’t there, to manifesting situations that may be completely unrelated yet feel like the universe has singled you out for some reason.

The only way out I have found is by not reacting emotionally to the stimulus.  Once the eye has you, it will push your emotions to unstable levels, then you and your ability to manifest and create will fill that emotional void with reasons to why it’s there.  This can get way out of hand and if you get any sort of authority involved, a trip an institution and paranoid delusional diagnosis will be in your future.  (which only exasperates the condition and will give a label that can take away your civil liberties)

The only advice I can give you is to get out of the city and the all the electromagnetic noise , sleeping on the earth, not a bed, but on the dirt can help.  Nature is your friend!


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