The Grey Hive Mind

Why do the Greys pick some people to be abductees and others left alone?

Darrel Sims will tell you it’s due to either a Cherokee or Celtic heritage in a person’s DNA.  Others such as Dr.David Jacobs will tell you in light of the diversity of the abductees, a pattern has not been discerned.  Since there is a lack of consensus among alien and abductee researchers, I will throw my hat in the ring.

The reason the Greys take certain people and not others is due to abductees having latent or active telepathic genetic markers in their DNA.

When the Greys mind meld with you, which is that awesome experience when they go all close talker and those black, liquid eyes are centimeters away from your face.  Their general state is one of insufficient life force, so you can feel them starting to feed off your energetic stability as they approach.  Then the connection is made like a subtle piercing of a membrane.

The flood of lifetimes of slavery, swimming in the bodily fluids of the cows and humans for food, the never-ending search for and manufacturing of viable genetic hybrids, and the ever-present passive aggressive feeling the Grey hive mind harbors flood your spirit, completely overwhelmed by the sickness that they call their lives.  Their hive-mind consciousness all to eager to add to the hive, skewing your awareness into this weird subservient, dissociative state.

This process due to the level trauma this mind meld creates or by some other occulted phenomenon in the nature of awareness we just don’t comprehend yet it happens.   Although not necessarily a physical implant but an etheric or some part of our electromagnetic field gets premaritally changed by this encounter.  Corrodo Malanga, an Italian alien abductee regression hypnotherapist and researcher called this real time link with the aliens Active Alien Memories.

Here’s a link to his work which I highly recommend for anyone interested in this phenomena.

Eve Lorgen, another great source of knowledge on the alien phenomena posted a great introduction to his work on her website.

This aspect concerns the aliens desire for immortality, by living within and through us. Malanga reports it as many abductees stated while in regressive hypnosis, “The aliens live across us and our mind. “(Alien Cicatrix, p. 21-26) Here, many symptoms of the alien abductees were such that they felt, “not of this world” or recalled other lives as an alien. Or dual liveʼs as an alien. (EL–being transferred to an alien body and working with them.) The alien memories Malanga calls, Active Alien Memories or AAM. These memories comprise also(all) the lifetimes that a particular alien may have been a passive part of, while being “parked” inside many different “abductee” body/carriers throughout long spans of time.

The more naturally psychic of us are chosen to be a part of the hive mind.  Using our own gift of awareness and our innate ability to create, they cyphon off a bit of awareness so we subconsciously will them into existence in this realm.

I believe they plan to use abductees as an interface into the collective consciousness of humanity and then drive reality using abductees as the 3-D interface.

The reason people often feel more psychic after encounters.   Also there’s a strategic value to take your opponents strength and turning it into a weakness.  Dr. Jaocbs quotes the Greys as saying, “Soon we will all be together and everyone will know their place.”  LOL

This is unacceptable for those of with two or more neurons firing off no matter how many Dr. Greer’s there are out there preaching alien salvation.


This is a kind of a perversion of 100th monkey effect, which we all know how much the lost ones love to pervert everything and anything they can influence.