The Fractal Particle, Pilot Wave Multiverse Theory

I may not be the first to notice how similar the layout and form of modern cities mirror in appearance to circuit boards in a computer from an arial view but it does not diminish the profound effect this observation has had on me.  Flying into Phoenix, seeing the uniformity of suburban swimming pools, processor shopping malls and wire-like highways against the stark landscape of the arid desert and barren hills that surround it, something is being shown to me that is much bigger than the form it has taken in the moment.

This observation only furthered my suspicions that the mathematical formula of chaos theory is the numerical equivalent of being the “As above, so below.  As below, as above.”  The patterns of phi within the dimensions of our hands or in the branches of an oak tree, the occurrence of the mandelbrot set being found in other fractal equations, there are many examples of this, but if you internalize this force and allow it manifest in your life, these greater patterns start to make themselves apparent in the synchronicity of awareness of events in one’s life.

The mathematics behind fractal geometry is way beyond me, I don’t even try. But form an experiential point of view, the fractal nature of reality as our link with infinity and experience of time, we are infinite and yet present, with access to both.  The left brain accesses the particle, solid reality of the present versus the language-less left brain hooked into the timeless, unlimited potential of the quantum fields in which we interact with.  The Present being the particle function of our wave of probabilities enumerated throughout the multiverse.  So not only as an individual is this experienced, but also as civilizations, planets, universes.

This video shows the multiverse dynamic of reality manifestion guided by the influence of quantum entanglement termed as a pilot wave.

The quantum fields that link the timelines are adjusting as a whole where we as a civilization are experiencing the particles form of our existence.  If Spirit or if there is an innate force or movement towards more knowledge, more awareness and experience evolution, then we are exchanging different potentials between the parts of the wave-signature  of civilization for some goal.

We are entangled with all the other possible past present and future expressions of Earth, this expression creates the pilot wave influencing our path or what manifests in this reality.

Which brings to question what the hell is going on here when one starts to look into the heart of disharmony within humanity.  Nature seems to be in synch with itself in a way humanity is not.  Many people feel this disconnect and blame other humans for this.  However it’s much bigger than that.  Our disharmony with our environment is the result of a faulty reality virus that has infected the multiverse.  It started as a doubt which manifested a disconnect in the higher mind and now we are deep into eddies and currents of this movement across time-and space.  It will do anything to survive, including the consumption of life force not organically given in the innate fractal awareness given to us by existing in the third dimension.

This city virus has laid hyperspatial blueprints into to the astral and mind realms of human awareness so we in our connection to the quantum fields make this techno-virus intelligence real.  This intelligence or awareness is better thought of a consciousness of a certain level of awareness, a digital black and white unfeeling perspective on life.  It is not creative and therefore needs us to create our illusions and distractions.  It has tricked us in our fear of nature into building and infrastructure in which to inhabit.  We are building a giant antennae using CERN as a tuner to manifest this reality limited reality.

I don’t know when it got here, whether it is the black goo that Harold Katz Vella describes or like some weird inevitable fate that humanity must conquer.  At this point it doesn’t really matter.  The closer we get to the time-line collapse the more the past will be malleable.  Those concrete answers we experiencers and researchers so longingly seek are lost to time.

Everyday the divide between the souls and the soulless gets more noticeable.  We are watching the emergence of a hive mind that is maintained through an electromagnetic barrier of entrainment that is locking our awareness in a russian doll type of mind cube prisons.

This schism was created when a higher dimensional being started to explore the concept of doubt and got lost in it.  However the higher dimensional being that was lost was friends.  Earth was created with the intention as being a cure for this time-virus.  A multi-dimensional human having conquered all doubts is  the weapons against this force.  The collapse of the time-lines means this cure has been formulated somewhere among the quantum worlds.

Many of us have fought the manifestations of this virus in the form of shadow universe beings and implant, a universe where this thought virus as conquered all forms of awareness.  Entire races have fallen prey to this force in other times and parallel worlds, including most of the fallen beings experiencers see during abductions.   I personally have removed implants from reptilians that have visited me in the astral.  A job I take great pride in, however, it does come at a price.

The next morning I woke up with these 2nd degree burns on my back.

For many of us, this is why we incarnated here.   May the Grace of the Wholly Quantum Spirit be with us.   Dream it well my friends.