The Emotional Profiles of our Interdimensional Overlords

This is an attempt to identify the core emotional makeup of some of the inter dimensional beings I have run across.   These are the negative expressions of these races and there will always be those who defy the stereotype.

The descriptions are intended to help us be able to identify the signature of the external source in an emotional or thought manipulation.

As the Shaolin Abbot says in Enter the Dragon:
“The enemy has only images and illusions behind which he hides his true motives.  Destroy the image and you will break the enemy. ”

I only bring up the beings I’ve had experience with:

The Greys, due to their subservience are the masters of denial and cognitive dissonance.  You know that feeling you get after doing something you hate for years and years, like a crappy job.  Abductees have mentioned experiences when the Greys get angry or hostile or even surprised when an abductee breaks the paralysis and acts out.   Also they use guilt, fear and shame as motivational tools to bend your will with the constant programming of humanity is destroying the earth and scenes of massive earth changes.

The Mantids which do have the capacity to feel emotions.  They are also able to illicit emotions in other people, like friendship and trust.  They are a step up from the Greys and are the masters of passive aggressive type manipulation.

I only have had extended contact with the Draco of the reptilian race.  They are your typical sociopaths.  They seem more goal oriented than the more psychopathic or aggressive underlings.   It’s control in both forms, just the Draco are more about gaining consent, usually with an illusion made from your own shadow ego to go with their manipulation.   While for some of the underlings, it’s more about the physical or mental control of and power over a person.  There is much ritual in their culture.

The snake humanoid are the most unpredictable and have a broader range of emotions when it comes to psychic attacks.  There is a cunning about them, like there is more trickster to them than the rest of the reps.

There is a giant plasma powered octopus being that has tendrils around our entire heliosphere.  It is void of emotion and there’s even a physical feeling of being in a void like realm, like bottom of the ocean type of pressure on you when it attacks.  A listlessness comes over you, like being emotionally blinded by it’s ink when it’s released into your energy field.

I do feel like one of the beings that played with our DNA is lost in our collective awareness somehow.  He acts more like a schizophrenic than a god almost like his mind has been fractured, through some dark spell.  Like parts of Osiris that have been artificially but together to make a shadow Horus.  There is a certain body odor that comes with an encounter with this being.  Smells like crazy and can create a very ungrounded state.   His appearance is still masked from me, but it has a mechanical arm and will hum as he operates on you.

There are other beings that exist in a pure mental realm, but the mere thought of them can be a form of consent as they are connected to our creation and existence.   Inner silence must be attained before one is ready to deal with them.

The act of reading any post or comment is not to be used as a form of consent in any way, shape or form.  7(7pi\BABAY)