Parallel Earths, Trinicon and the Galactic Soul Avatar Matrix


From Marvel’s The Exiles

For many researchers and experiencers, there is a direct link between ET’s, Black Magic, underground bases and secret societies/cults.  The truth of this underworld of ancient dark magic, blood sacrifices and inter dimensional beings is far more pervasive in our history and current culture than many would ever suspect.

There is another Earth relatively close in our multi-versal neighborhood.  I believe many experiencers, including myself, have been to this other world.

This particular Earth has fallen into complete tyranny of dark magic and technology.   The term “Full Spectrum Dominance” coined by F. William Engdahl would most accurately describe this world with all brain activity closely monitored and entrained to only government approved thoughts and feelings.

The mind control was so complex the people there believed they were in control of their thoughts yet in truth, every thought expressed was measured and manipulated.  I hated this place, and it still generates a lot of guilt in me for the things I participated in.  Yet it is also the world in which I started to re-colonize my multi-dimensional self.

Was the Montauk Project the only operation in which the deep state experimented in time travel and/or travel to other timelines or parallel earths?  Like the deep state ever does something once….  One of these other Earths is Earth 2 which is Preston Nichols’ name for it who was a lead scientist in the Montauk Project.  My friend and fellow former psychic asset Stephen Popiotek calls it Trinicon.   We are both still trying to unweave the web of bizarre experiences and synochronicities that surround our memories and experiences of this possible timeline/parallel earth.

I can follow a trail of “logic” lol that kind of forms a universal field theory of the MilAb and alien abduction phenomenon.  The theory is most of the activities of the deep state and much of the esoteric literature throughout time involve this parallel earth and/or inter dimensional beings from this other universe.
The absolute control of humanity on Trinicon started to diminish by events set in motion by the controllers of that other earth.  The “help” started wising up.  Somehow (i.e. intervention of the Galactic Soul Avatar Matrix) a few of the elite soldiers who were genetically enhanced with all kinds of abilities and talents broke free of their mind control and started to undermine the tyranny of their world.  These freed psychic soldiers are undetectable to their world’s psychic surveillance systems.
In an effort to find these soldiers, the controllers of Trinicon working with the inter dimensionals opened up portals to this earth to take the parallel incarnations of the rebels.
The uber paranoid intelligence agencies of both worlds then created a ridiculous level of parallel earth spy vs spy BS.   Apparently there was a supposed to be a cooperation between the 2 worlds but all kinds of black ops going on behind each other’s backs.  (And then there’s a time travel aspect to this to make it even more incomprehensible.)
I suspect the Draco dark fleet a-holes are from this other universe, hence their parasitical nature.  These also could be the beings the Nazis contacted and received tech from and probably where the majority of the deep state’s tech comes from also.
Once abducted, genetically harvested and implanted, the Trinicons clone your ass especially if you have a parallel you there.  Due to quantum entanglement(the Galactic Soul Avatar Matrix), the Trinicons could observe the other you in their world by use of a multiple clone hive mind mechanism.  Most of these people have latent abilities like Remote Viewing anyways (which is why they were used in the first place) which makes it even easier for them to view the other selves.
Also if an experiencer is taken to the other Earth, then they will attach an inter dimensional being through dark rituals and physical implants from that universe onto your energetic field.   The siphoned life force of the abducted experiencers would then be used to create and strengthen permanent portals and energy exchanges to other worlds.
The Trinicons can then track you, and depending on your level of dissociation, take you or your astral form to the other universe and ground you in a clone of yourself.  The clone body having a cybernetic augmentation to make sure that pesky free will doesn’t get loose.
To add to the confusion, after being taken and used by the other Earth, the experiencer would then be abducted by this Earth’s deep state, interrogated and in some cases used as an asset in similar fashion as on Trinicon.  Coerced with tall tales about the survival of the human race and the preservation of free will, I suspect myself and many others like me volunteered to participate to stop Earth from being invaded and turning into something similar to Trinicon.  From an intelligence point of view,  the trans-universists experiencers would be highly valued, not only for the training received but also the data that could be provided about Trinicon, the interdimensionals, fancy technology, etc. etc…  
(One would have to believe that some of the deep state projects are consisted solely of humans compromised by these ID beings from Trinicon, creating a perfect foothold for the intentions and logistical infrastructure of this other Earth to set up a similar control grid on this Earth.)

This is my fellow traveler and good friend Stephen Popiotek.  He was the first person I had ever heard speak of this other earth drama.  I recommend watching the whole video but he speaks about Trinicon starting at about the 29 minute mark.
Stephen and I have RV’d some of these bases on Trinicon by tracking down clones of ourselves(from which we are getting psychically hit from).  Many of the sites there are also black sites here, especially the network of hadron colliders both small and large littered across the planet.  I suspect the power plant I was linked to could create a gateway to this other world.
Could most of the abductions people experience come from the same inter dimensionals of this other universe?  They already got the farm set up on Trinicon, now it’s time to expand their commercial loosh farming to another world.

Motive must always be examined if you ever want to make these beings predictable.  Why would the inter dimensional beings get involved with some earth government or the success of a royal bloodline?  They wanted inroads into other universes, other feeding grounds and also a way for the multiversal AI (their boss) from the future to invade these other universes.

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