Shadow People Encounters

It’s strange feeling love from a dark one, this horrific figure that stood and watched over me, a presence in my life that I actually gotten accustomed to, even felt protected by it at times.  The visual sightings stopped around age four or five  in my waking life.  I continued to have encounters with the large figure with no light coming from him.  The only features I could make out were, was it’s humanoid shape and the horns coming out of the top of its head.

The first encounter happened when I still very close to the ground from the perspective.  I could speak, maybe 18 months or so.   It might have something to do with me drowning when I was around that age.

I remember heading towards my parents bedroom.  There seemed to be something blocking me, like an intangible force.  Then I realized that there is this black shadow figure, towering over me, eclipsing the door frame.  I can’t see it’s eyes but I know it’s looking at me.  There’s wisps of black vapor evaporating from its body like the corona of a black sun.  Immediate dread and wailing ensued.  My parent retrieved me not seeing the creature.

I would see his shape a couple of more times as a small child, many times at my grandmother’s house where other odd things happened.

When I got in trouble and I used to say the devil made me do it.  I don’t think my mother realized that I actually meant the devil made me do it.   This character has been with me through most of life at the edge of my awareness. It’s true purpose and intention still somewhat a mystery to me.

It wasn’t until my early twenties that I had enough umph in my own being to  start untangling parts of my awareness back from the traumatic mess of events of that was my subconscious.   I started to meditate and trying to understand what Jesus meant by  “You shall do these things and more,” what love without conditions would be like, ya know stuff like that.

Right on que, I started to see my old Shadow Being, this time in my dreams.  He would tell me I was his father and that I belonged to him.  Many times I would be there with another one of his bloodline projects, my so-called brother.   He was a full on psychopath, a stockier, yet very similar version of me, but he was a tool, killing people in front of me for the fun of it.

My “father” would always offer me jobs that would require doing dome sort of heinous acts of violence.  Every time, I would refuse, saying, “No I’m not going to do that.  I’m not like y’all, no matter who you say you are.”  That would usually end the dream, my “father” furious, stewing.

The last time I saw the Devil in that dream setting, after once again refusing to go and kill people, he said, “You think you can escape me.  You’ll never be free of me.”

(Yawn, they always say shit like that)

That being turned out to be a large white snake humanoid that appears in  an ancient Egyptian tunic and necklace that looks like a horned voldemort except a more muscular build and scales for skin.

Just as we have a dream body or an astral body, I believe that some of inter dimensional creatures that watch and feed off humans also have a similar ability to project their conscious field of awareness across the quantum bands of space and time.   This form, though not physical still has these beings’ essence and their manipulative, demented spirit.

It’s hard for me not to link this creature to the form I “shape-shifted” into mentioned in my last blog post.  Awesome…