Satanic Ritual Abuse, Etheric Implants and the Memory blocks

The main difference between my other experiences and this particular event is that it took place in the backyard of my family’s house.  I remember seeing this crazy group of costumed people.  It seemed like Marti Gras or people in revolutionary garb, because everyone had masquerade masks and wearing puffy pirate shirts.  There was something hypnotic about the whole seen.  I recall walking out the backdoor to meet them.  I said nothing as I was in a controlled state of mind, most likely dissociated into some alter.  (who doesn’t want some dark ritual alter personality, amirite?)

They started chanting in a circle around me. The conductor of this affair was in the middle of the circle.  I can’t remember what he was saying or at least I couldn’t make out what was said.  Unfortunately with this back of the bus level of awareness, where I can see but I don’t have access to any motor control or the ability to interpret what was said.  Most of my milab experiences are at this level of awareness even in the present.

The conductor waved his arms and said his words, a couple of the demented theater troupe member walked up carrying a red mutt dog.  It seemed drugged, sad. it couldn’t keep it’s head up.  Two people held the dog by it’s back legs over my body and the conductor beat the dog with his cane.  The conductor then produced a long double edged knife and slit the dogs throat while holding it head.  The blood showered over me.  They continued to gut the dog, cutting through the belly until the conductor pulled out an organ, maybe the heart or liver.

The conductor looked at me and I could see another entity overlaid on the person.  It smiled at me especially creepy and that’s all I remember.  I probably dissociated into another alter or was mentally overpowered, you know my secret power.

You tell me how the hell this went unnoticed by my parents, neighbors, pets, guardian angels, Jesus etc.  I’m pretty sure I never consented to the ritual.  I have no memory of a having my parents sign a permission slip or anything.   Of course this could be a virtual reality memory, or some other implanted madness.

However, I brought this up with my sister, last November.  She remembered a troop of people dressed up in costumes and masks walking up to our house, the gate opening up our gate as if by magic and the freak shows walking into our backyard.  She couldn’t place this memory either and thought it was a dream since it made no sense compared to “normal” life we had as kids.  Yet the way her bedroom was situated, she did not have a window that looked into that part of the backyard.

This probably went down when I was 8 or 9 years old as I don’t really know just  what house we were living in at the time.  It’s really hard to describe the way this memory was secured in my mind.  It felt like it was at a different angle than the rest of my memory or that it blocked a whole angle of memory in my mind.  I know that’s a horrible description.


If my memory is a pie, then someone cut a curved piece of out of it, like a missing arm of a spiral galaxy.  Imagine a toroidal field:

Then imagine one of those longitudinal sections being blacked out all the way to the center.  It was a blind spot in my mind’s eye, of course until I started yapping about it.

However, yapping about these experiences, including all of your doubts and grievances on the reality of it, has been the key to getting over the trauma of it, at least for me.  The mental and emotional energy it takes to keep these experiences locked away in your subconscious is taken away from your core personality.  As if you are not playing with a full deck of emotional cards.  One could see how this could lead to psychopathy and/or full possession.

When I finally had the courage to look at this experience and face the brutal reality that even if this was some virtual reality overlay or some implanted memory, I was still affected and traumatized by this “event”.  So in the final tally, my trauma made it real regardless whether or not it was real or fake.

But the real tragedy, because I couldn’t face my experiences as a child, it created a void space in my memory.  This space had already been created by my dissociation, but now it had a the same yellowed eyed entity watching over it.  The animal was used as living voodoo doll of myself.  Killing that dog and ripping out it’s spirit was a metaphor or a form of sympathetic magic form them ripping out my spirit.  However the gatekeeper, some draco piece of scheisse, now had access to my energy field.  That moment I dissociated, the entity forced itself in the space that my consciousness vacated.

That space in my mind that I left open by dissociating now held a small piece of that draco energy.   This is what is called an etheric implant.  The ritual was a metaphoric allegory by use of blood and that poor dog’s organ of the draco possessed conductor taking out my heart or liver.   (For instance, in Chinese medicine the liver governs the flow of chi while the heart and blood house the shen or spirit.  For those curious about the origins of western magic, see five element theory in traditional Chinese medicine)

(To balance out all this negativity, here is a video of the fractal nature of our existence.)

Another aspect to the Torus, is the fact that it is bio feed back system.  One could imagine how having one of these torrid arms inaccessible would inhibit one’s own consciousness.

The Draco are very psychic and giving one of them uninhibited access to one’s mind/spirit can be detrimental to one’s development.  Basically part of you is still stuck in that moment.  It takes one being truly present in the now to deal with this experience.

I know this isn’t PC and contrary to new age passivity, but I used all that anger and rage I had built up over the years being a puppet for unseen forces to create that presence in myself.  Maybe one day, love will exist in that space, but the only love I feel in these moments of confrontation, is love for myself and love for humanity expressed in a refusal to be overpowered.   I sense our great potential as humans in these moments and I am thankful for my connection to all that is for the opportunity to take my power back.

If you would like more info on the more dark occultist side of etheric implants.  Frances Toews has a great presentation on the topic.

Thank you for your time and attention.