Questioning the Milabs Phenomenon…

I have to credit Eve Lorgen, Laura Leon and James Bartley for fostering this idea in me.  (milabs=military abductions)

Like I have said, I don’t want my milab experiences to be real.  I have gone to great lengths in my own thinking to come up with man-made reasons or scenarios for my experiences…. Somehow they were all downloaded in my mind by some high tech black op project trying to train future assets or to shatter a person’s core personality in their sleep or both.

There are many rumors among researchers that the shadow government is 30-50 years ahead of what’s made public technology-wise.  They know everything you do, can read your thoughts, control your family and pets, cause traffic jams and birds to poop on your car, have invisible aircraft with lasers and anti-gravity dirves, hide the truth about hobbits in underground bases, etc etc ad infinitum.

As to most things in this world, the image portrayed is usually much different than reality.  This is called a psychological operation or psy-op.  The media in all forms, from the BS coming out of a pundits mouth to the very frequencies used to transmit, is one big psy-op.  They are trying to get you to think in a certain way by using their favorite control method, the guiding false light of their un-loving hearts, Problem-Crisis-Solution.

Briefly, they create a problem, yap about it till it becomes a crisis, then act like johnny on the spot with a premeditated solution that disperses all that manifesting power into a prefabricated macabre of trite BS.  Take the total fake race war they are trying and have been trying to start for years here in the U.S.  Let’s not look at the real problem, which is the loss of social class mobility and the lobbyist industry.  Instead  try to stir up our primal instincts of territorial aggression and tribalism, i.e. divide and conquer.  Problem-Crisis-Solution.  Anything that keeps them separated and hating each other, severely reducing the chances of humanity ever uniting to kick out our false overlords.

In the milab phenomenon, there are many examples of people witnessing the “aliens” are working side by side with humans in military clothing in what seem to be large underground bases.  I couldn’t people would sell out the entire biosphere to these galactic highwaymen-pedo-ass clowns.

The moral chasm between a regular human and these specie traitors is so large that it seems unfathomable to the normal muggle.  Factor in the deep, dark power of cognitive dissonance and most people out of these dark mysterious corners.

However, the aliens are known to be able to control people’s minds and actions.  There is also a term we in the industry use called hosted beings.  These are people that have been completely taken over by the “aliens” and in the process lost their free will, there are degrees from just being influenced to full on possession.

Therefore, taking control of the people in control of the shadow government would be like the tainted vaccines they give us, going right past our own body’s defense mechanism and dumping their cancerous existence right into the control system here on Earth.  Similar to the demented alters they give some of the abductees but on a collective level.

if I’m running a clandestine invasion, what would be a better foothold into our world than through the black projects of the shadow government.  They would have unlimited funding and relatively free reign under the umbrella of national security and compartmentalization.

There is a precedent for inter dimensional beings working or colluding with human governments with the rumored involvement of the Vril society in Nazi Germany, Temple of Set founder Micheal Aquino’s involvement in the NSA and military, and the occult themes portrayed in NASA.

If there is a connection between that we modernly call aliens to what the past called Jinn, Faeries and Fallen Angels, then we are dealing with the “Lords of Air” and “Powers and Principalities” who are the masters of deception.  They brought sorcery to Earth, which is just a gateway for these a-holes to come into our world through blood sacrifices and oaths.    

I’m pretty sure I was to be a host body for one these alien “buggers” and my training was used to destroy my core personality to make me easier to be inhabited.  Fortunately, they trained me a little too well or made my DNA a little too powerful, something…

When I was at a UFO conference this last spring, the pervading theme was the government and humanity is “bad” and irresponsible, unable to take care of their own planet.  The aliens in their multidimensional kindness and altruism have arrived to save us from ourselves.  There was this unsaid, unfounded in reality attitude held by the people there that they were not the problem and have ascended to a higher plane of manipulation, I mean consciousness.

Alien abductees are fed a constant stream of anti-human propaganda which they then proselytize their message because of the feelings of being special elicited by the aliens.  I’m not saying we’re perfect, but giving our power and sovereignty to a bunch of beings that think taking us from our families, traumatizing us, stealing genetic material, and remaking us in their image is a monumental tragedy and a perversion of the true intention of our creation.  Especially when the majority of the participants of these black ops are being mind controlled by non-humans.  Enough of the guilt, embrace the challenges of this world, then we can truly be free.

It’s time to learn the rules and humanity’s place at the negotiating table.

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  1. Hi Will – This message is timely and probably more accurate than just about anything one can read on this subject that is considered popular within the “community” right now. Thank you Will – this is an under-appreciated and hugely valuable contribution to better understanding. IMO that is. Much respect to you – Denny

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