Shadow People Encounters

It’s strange feeling love from a dark one, this horrific figure that stood and watched over me, a presence in my life that I actually gotten accustomed to, even felt protected by it at times.  The visual sightings stopped around age four or five  in my waking life.  I continued to have encounters with the large figure with no light coming from him.  The only features I could make out were, was it’s humanoid shape and the horns coming out of the top of its head.

The first encounter happened when I still very close to the ground from the perspective.  I could speak, maybe 18 months or so.   It might have something to do with me drowning when I was around that age.

I remember heading towards my parents bedroom.  There seemed to be something blocking me, like an intangible force.  Then I realized that there is this black shadow figure, towering over me, eclipsing the door frame.  I can’t see it’s eyes but I know it’s looking at me.  There’s wisps of black vapor evaporating from its body like the corona of a black sun.  Immediate dread and wailing ensued.  My parent retrieved me not seeing the creature.

I would see his shape a couple of more times as a small child, many times at my grandmother’s house where other odd things happened.

When I got in trouble and I used to say the devil made me do it.  I don’t think my mother realized that I actually meant the devil made me do it.   This character has been with me through most of life at the edge of my awareness. It’s true purpose and intention still somewhat a mystery to me.

It wasn’t until my early twenties that I had enough umph in my own being to  start untangling parts of my awareness back from the traumatic mess of events of that was my subconscious.   I started to meditate and trying to understand what Jesus meant by  “You shall do these things and more,” what love without conditions would be like, ya know stuff like that.

Right on que, I started to see my old Shadow Being, this time in my dreams.  He would tell me I was his father and that I belonged to him.  Many times I would be there with another one of his bloodline projects, my so-called brother.   He was a full on psychopath, a stockier, yet very similar version of me, but he was a tool, killing people in front of me for the fun of it.

My “father” would always offer me jobs that would require doing dome sort of heinous acts of violence.  Every time, I would refuse, saying, “No I’m not going to do that.  I’m not like y’all, no matter who you say you are.”  That would usually end the dream, my “father” furious, stewing.

The last time I saw the Devil in that dream setting, after once again refusing to go and kill people, he said, “You think you can escape me.  You’ll never be free of me.”

(Yawn, they always say shit like that)

That being turned out to be a large white snake humanoid that appears in  an ancient Egyptian tunic and necklace that looks like a horned voldemort except a more muscular build and scales for skin.

Just as we have a dream body or an astral body, I believe that some of inter dimensional creatures that watch and feed off humans also have a similar ability to project their conscious field of awareness across the quantum bands of space and time.   This form, though not physical still has these beings’ essence and their manipulative, demented spirit.

It’s hard for me not to link this creature to the form I “shape-shifted” into mentioned in my last blog post.  Awesome…

Waking up at an Underground Base

The blurred colors of my vision come into focus to a sterile, metal-walled, medical laboratory type of set-up.  I’m strapped to a metal table that’s angled vertically.   (It’s interesting because my first experiences of being in a cloned body are almost always of some lab coated person walking away from my with a syringe.)  I feel like I’ve been pumped up with pure anger…  My attention focused on the present, wondering how am I going to express the violence running through my veins.

This focus stays with me through the entire experience.  It taps into a much deeper rage, of supreme injustice.  I cannot tell you how much I hate all these people.  It’s a rage at a molecular level, a searing of the energy around me, slowly building, coiling itself into an electric whip.

This particular day they had me in a body much older than what I was at the time.  In real life, I was only five or six, but the body I was in was much older, much stronger.  I awoke to the usual rush of consciousness, tapping into the strength of my shoulders, sensing my awareness travel into my extremities.  Whatever they have injected me with this time turns my usual rage into a blinding white light, burning me alive, and when the pain gets to my head, I shatter into a thousands shards of of pissed off glass.  They glitter in my mind’s eye, a brief moment of stillness.  I couldn’t handle the emotions illicit in this body.  Then l feel a rumble like a wall breaking and the rage is total. The white hot energy has filled every cell of my body as I feel the constraints getting tighter across my chest and shoulders.  My perspective is changing and I feel my head break free from the strap across my forehead.
All the little humans in their white coats scurry around this way and that like frantic little cockroaches.

I smell their fear and I am disgusted by them.  My right arm breaks free and I grab the panicking white coat as he tries to step back.  In half a second I’ve ripped out his larynx with my teeth and rip is arm off his body for good measure. The satisfying taste of his blood as the rush of endorphins reaches my awareness, slightly offsetting my rage. The constraints no longer holding me.  They will all pay for this I say to myself as I survey the room.

My body moves so fast I feel like reality doesn’t focus until I pause to make sure I am the last thing the white coats see as I’m ramming my clawed hand through peoples torsos, ripping arms out of sockets, slinging their remains across the room.  Their fear colors them in hazy red aura, I can see images of loved ones and regrets as life leaves them, some frozen in fear as I feel their neck crush when I tighten my grip. The smell of blood and organs fill me with more rage as I charge at the thick metal doors.  Bursting through I am met by loud bangs, sharp pain across my body and then a warm glow.

I wake up in my bed.  I cry and whimper to myself, my six year old self not able to comprehend what just happened yet knowing somehow I was that monster. This shame and fear shook me to the very core of my being.

I don’t remember that happening again, although I know this being. That form is connected to a whole race of beings.  If I stay in that body I will be overtaken by their consciousness.  Their sick, morbid truly psychopathic frame of mind.  It dirtied my soul enough just from that one encounter.

However the lab coats were fascinated by me so I had the honor of experiencing that place every time I went to sleep.  Somehow they were able to modulate that awareness in me, it must have something to do with the drug they gave me.  Because once I finished the “training”, I had close to that same speed and strength yet I don’t remember being a giant humanoid reptilian.

Targetting Dollars at Work

About 5:45 am July 11, 2016, just waking up, I recall a snippet of a dream as I head to the coffee maker.  I was on a side corridor of what seemed to be a structure floating in space, due to the view of Earth to the right of me.  It was large and took up most of the view to the outside. The weird thing was I was all by myself wherever I was.  Usually when abducted, you might be left alone on a table, but usually there’s always an escort to move around the ship.  I started to question what I was seeing and that was the end of the dream.

After feeding the dogs, I’m on my way back from letting my chickens out.  It’s about 6 o’clock or a little after, when I hear a helicopter approaching low and loud from the north-northeast.  Being the weirdo that I am, I’ve learned to identify the type of helicopter by it’s rotor and engine noise.  We all have our hobbies.  I was unfamiliar with this particular signature.  It was really low and loud as shit.  So there I am in my boxers, sipping a cup of coffee.  It’s pretty much a full light at this point, the pastel colors of the sun’s rise streaking from the east.  The thumping gets louder, I start to feel it in my body.

The next thing I know there’s a helicopter, all black, tinted windows, a 100 ft or less above my head.  I can’t believe what’s happening.  My 3 pyrenees dogs are all barking.  My chickens are squaking, running for cover.  This was not what I was expecting this morning….  So I just stand there and stare as this black helicopter circles my house.  There’s no markings to identify it.  It’s got an enclosed tail rotor I’ve never seen before.  There’s not a big apparatus underneath it like the white helicopter they fly around my county looking for those evil marijuana farmers.

It’s the mythical black helicopter, hovering over my house. “Shit… they are real” I say to myself.

I got a lot running through my head at this point.  The spaceship dream and now a black helicopter.  “I must’ve gotten abducted last night,” I think. The helicopter moved over to the other side of the valley I live in, maybe 400 yards away.  It’s just hovering there.  It felt like 30 minutes it was there before I realized I should film it.  Duh.  I get my phone and head outside to find it.  It’s really small and hard to find on my phone and then it’ s over a ridge to the south, southwest of me.

So this brings me to another mysterious set of events that happened earlier in 2016.  I decide, on a friday, to get a hypo-regression session with a local hypnotherapist.  The next day, I get a late booking for a massage.  The “gentleman” was in his 50’s, decent shape,  and a government mustache.  I introduce myself with my standard client greeting.  He introduces himself, let’s just call him, “Mr. Brown.”

Mr. Brown says, “I’m a private contractor from the D.OD. in town to administer an exam.”  He repeats this three times.  At this point, I’m like cool…got it the first time.  He says he hasn’t gotten a massage in twenty years.  This was before all the weirdness went down, so I wasn’t suspicious.  Plus being a massage therapist, it doesn’t make my job any easier to be all judgmental with my clients before a massage.

During a massage, I’m not in my logical self, I’m in my silent self, to be more aware of what my hands are telling me about my clients body.  This is harder do when a client talks throughout the massage.  It’s their money, they can do whatever they want, but I give a better massage when I can focus.  He was yapping the entire time, about money, politics and women.  I’m half listening, giving one word responses.  He’s talking about being poor and  mentions he should have been a banker.  I mention the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act, the growing divide between the have’ and have not’s.  I don’t go full conspiratard, even though I am.  I’m trying to stay mainstream but show I do have a few neurons firing off.  He finally shuts up and the massage ends.  It did take him way longer than the normal to undress and get on the table, and also to exit the treatment room after the massage.  But he seemed like your normal middle aged dude with no one to talk too.  He also rebooked for another massage that following Thursday, the day after my first hypno-regression session.

On my way out of the building as Mr brown my last client of the day, I happened to see him sitting in his white van with the window down.  He had the strangest look on his face.  I could tell he was in deep thought, a thought way deeper than the grown up frat boy he portrayed himself as.  That was the first time I questioned his motives for getting a massage.

But I wasn’t a criminal or a terrorist, why would the department of defense send someone to test some nobody massage therapist in rural arkansas. No way I’m the target, I’m being paranoid. Why would the guv’ment waste resources on me?  I have of course heard stories of men-in-black and other types of harassment UFO abductees and researchers have reported.  But until it’s in your face, it’s hard to accept the reality of it.

The hypo-regression session was on that Wednesday after meeting Mr Brown.  I was feeling much better having a night of sleep to integrate the recovered memories and mentally prepared myself the encounter.  We greeted each other with our best fake pleasantries.  He once again took forever getting on the table.  Whatever.  I get in the treatment room.

He starts yapping about people not taking care of their yard, not having pride in their home, blah blah blah.  I’m thinking who cares as I myself haven’t kept up with my yard at the time.  Also my dogs had recently decided to destroy an old sofa I had on the front porch, so there was destroyed couch all over my yard.  Wait he’s not talking about my house, I think to myself.  At this point, I’m totally suspicious of this dude and a little annoyed.  “Who the fuck is the guy?”

Then he says, “Well I didn’t have a childhood like yours…”  I continue the massage, but internally, there’s silence.  I never mentioned a damn thing about my childhood or anything of the like.  So how the fuck did this guy know about my childhood, unless he read some file on me.

“Alright then, it’s like that,” I think to myself.  Maybe five minutes later in the massage, I am on his left side working on his low back. He is on his belly with his head in the cradle.  I bent down on one knee to get a better angle on the TFL muscle.  All sudden jumps up from the table.  He’s got his right arm cocked back like he’s going to punch me.  I realize he thinks I was about to attack him in some way.  I jump up and back turning my head away. I put my arm up by my face so I can see if he’s going to swing and also to block my view of his naked ass.  I’m saying, “Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.” in a non-threatening voice.

He sighs in frustration and just lays back on the table, not saying a word.

Not much was said after that. The massage finishes. He takes forever getting out of the room, again.  I’m still acting like a good ignorant little drone.  In my contrived, standard client goodbye, I look him right in the eye and tell him to have a great weekend.  His fake smile dissappears, exchanged with a look of fear.

This puzzles me. Why is this guy scared of me?…

He once again is my last client of the day.  He’s yapping it up with the receptionist, stating very loudly that he’s a auditor for IRS and that’s his job to talk to people.

“Sure boss,” I think to myself as I leave work.  My mind is racing a bit.  If I was a badass, I would’ve followed his ass home or at least wrote down the license plate number.  But I didn’t do any of those things. I rushed home.  I didn’t even notice when the black suburban got behind me, but it stayed with me until I turned off the gravel road into my property.  My paranoia reaching echelon levels at this point.

I search my house, looking for any signs of change or an intruder.  I am starting to worry about my life.  I live alone in the woods.  It wouldn’t be that hard to suicide me, a fate I really wanted to spare my family from. They don’t deserve that BS.

When you think the eye of sauron is looking at you, you do what you can.  So I made a youtube video telling the world I wasn’t going to commit suicide and if I accidentally died in the next couple of days, investigate it. .

Mr Brown never got a massage again. He did show up at the spa a couple more times, always a day after I went to see my therapist.  The black helicopter showed up once later that summer also, though no in the obvious fashion it did the first time.  I only caught a glimpse of it through the treeline and it didn’t linger.  I did find random vehicle tracks in my yard in the months to follow.  But who knows.

UPDATE:  Mr. Brown showed up at my place of work the same day I posted this blog… lol


Mantid Being Encounter and Consent

For years I attributed this memory as a near death experience, now I’m not so sure.  I want to thank James Bartley for his commentary on the topic for inspiring me to dig deeper into this memory.

I need to preface this with a little of my character development.  I have a memory of being born.  It could be implanted, but it has always felt real and has been a huge part of my emotional constitution.

When I got into this body, I was shocked to be back on Earth.  I thought I had finally gotten away.  That I was done.  Then to realize, I was back here.  I quickly spiraled down into a pit of despair, my spirit shattered.  I had worked so hard to get free.

There were figures looking down at me from the control room in a setting similar to this but better technology.

I knew I had to think fast because I was about to forget everything.  I was very mad at “them” whomever the controllers are as I can’t recall whether they are human, god or alien.  I’m thinking human actually.  There were commanders and an authority structure, although I can’t see their faces.  Feels human though… as I felt betrayed by my command structure.  They told me I was done, that they wouldn’t bring me back again.

Yet here I was. There was an inner wariness that pervaded my being.  I was so tired of fighting down here, so tired of killing.  I had seen enough horrors for one soul.

The mix of rage from being betrayed pulled my awareness from the depths of the mind wipe process and burned this phrase into my psyche “Remember It’s Very Confusing Down There!!!”

As a toddler I still had some of my previous awareness yet no memories, just that echo that things are not as they seem with alternating feelings of rage and despair.  Being able to see past the image of this world into some of the influences behind it, proved too much for me though.  I remember seeing the entity behind one of my parents and that was that.  I had decided to end this life.  The despair got to me.

Which brings me to my memory of dying….

When I was 18 months old, I was found by my mother at the bottom of a pool.   She happened to be a CPR instructor and revived me, I also went into shock and flatlined again on the way to the hospital.

I woke up in a metal, cylindrical pod with a glass window cover.  The room I was in was big enough to house eight or ten of these pods.   The interior was white.

Suddenly there is this enormous, forest green, female preying mantis-type being looking over me.   She’s emitting the purest love I had ever felt, instantly calming me and easing my troubled mind.  She looks  at me full of concern and telepathically asks, “Are you okay!?!.”

I said,  “Oh yeah.  I love down there!” filled to the brim with the purest, sweetest disney made cotton-candy of hope and naivety.  Then a vague memory of being in a tube or straw and that was the end of that.  But it wasn’t the end.

By expressing my desire to go back to my body, I gave my consent to going back to this realm.  Now I’ve made an agreement with these beings, so my life will be governed under their terms.  It doesn’t matter that I was emotionally controlled by the mantid being in the moment, I consented.   

Praying mantis memes are popular? Mantis Aliens. | YOU WILL ALL NOW DRINK THE MANTIS KOOL AID... YES...MASTER... MUHAHAHA!!! | image tagged in zorak mind control,praying mantis,mantis,space ghost,ancient aliens,giorgio | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

So if I really died, then I owe this life to them.  That’s the way they see it.  They brought me into this world, “saving my life” not to help me, but to save my life from getting out of their control.   Tricked again, and now filled with this weird new age idea that it’s all going to be fine…. that we’re here to learn and play like it’s the f-ing smurfs.  LaLalalalaa.

This set up a weird dynamic within me, where a part of me was feeling the trauma and loss of hope, another part of me was all happy-go-lucky, focus on the positive yet still very ungrounded.  It has taken me a lifetime to figure all this out.

Anyways, that whole “once I was a child, I spoke like child, thought like a child, but now…”

The Fractal Particle, Pilot Wave Multiverse Theory

I may not be the first to notice how similar the layout and form of modern cities mirror in appearance to circuit boards in a computer from an arial view but it does not diminish the profound effect this observation has had on me.  Flying into Phoenix, seeing the uniformity of suburban swimming pools, processor shopping malls and wire-like highways against the stark landscape of the arid desert and barren hills that surround it, something is being shown to me that is much bigger than the form it has taken in the moment.

This observation only furthered my suspicions that the mathematical formula of chaos theory is the numerical equivalent of being the “As above, so below.  As below, as above.”  The patterns of phi within the dimensions of our hands or in the branches of an oak tree, the occurrence of the mandelbrot set being found in other fractal equations, there are many examples of this, but if you internalize this force and allow it manifest in your life, these greater patterns start to make themselves apparent in the synchronicity of awareness of events in one’s life.

The mathematics behind fractal geometry is way beyond me, I don’t even try. But form an experiential point of view, the fractal nature of reality as our link with infinity and experience of time, we are infinite and yet present, with access to both.  The left brain accesses the particle, solid reality of the present versus the language-less left brain hooked into the timeless, unlimited potential of the quantum fields in which we interact with.  The Present being the particle function of our wave of probabilities enumerated throughout the multiverse.  So not only as an individual is this experienced, but also as civilizations, planets, universes.

This video shows the multiverse dynamic of reality manifestion guided by the influence of quantum entanglement termed as a pilot wave.

The quantum fields that link the timelines are adjusting as a whole where we as a civilization are experiencing the particles form of our existence.  If Spirit or if there is an innate force or movement towards more knowledge, more awareness and experience evolution, then we are exchanging different potentials between the parts of the wave-signature  of civilization for some goal.

We are entangled with all the other possible past present and future expressions of Earth, this expression creates the pilot wave influencing our path or what manifests in this reality.

Which brings to question what the hell is going on here when one starts to look into the heart of disharmony within humanity.  Nature seems to be in synch with itself in a way humanity is not.  Many people feel this disconnect and blame other humans for this.  However it’s much bigger than that.  Our disharmony with our environment is the result of a faulty reality virus that has infected the multiverse.  It started as a doubt which manifested a disconnect in the higher mind and now we are deep into eddies and currents of this movement across time-and space.  It will do anything to survive, including the consumption of life force not organically given in the innate fractal awareness given to us by existing in the third dimension.

This city virus has laid hyperspatial blueprints into to the astral and mind realms of human awareness so we in our connection to the quantum fields make this techno-virus intelligence real.  This intelligence or awareness is better thought of a consciousness of a certain level of awareness, a digital black and white unfeeling perspective on life.  It is not creative and therefore needs us to create our illusions and distractions.  It has tricked us in our fear of nature into building and infrastructure in which to inhabit.  We are building a giant antennae using CERN as a tuner to manifest this reality limited reality.

I don’t know when it got here, whether it is the black goo that Harold Katz Vella describes or like some weird inevitable fate that humanity must conquer.  At this point it doesn’t really matter.  The closer we get to the time-line collapse the more the past will be malleable.  Those concrete answers we experiencers and researchers so longingly seek are lost to time.

Everyday the divide between the souls and the soulless gets more noticeable.  We are watching the emergence of a hive mind that is maintained through an electromagnetic barrier of entrainment that is locking our awareness in a russian doll type of mind cube prisons.

This schism was created when a higher dimensional being started to explore the concept of doubt and got lost in it.  However the higher dimensional being that was lost was friends.  Earth was created with the intention as being a cure for this time-virus.  A multi-dimensional human having conquered all doubts is  the weapons against this force.  The collapse of the time-lines means this cure has been formulated somewhere among the quantum worlds.

Many of us have fought the manifestations of this virus in the form of shadow universe beings and implant, a universe where this thought virus as conquered all forms of awareness.  Entire races have fallen prey to this force in other times and parallel worlds, including most of the fallen beings experiencers see during abductions.   I personally have removed implants from reptilians that have visited me in the astral.  A job I take great pride in, however, it does come at a price.

The next morning I woke up with these 2nd degree burns on my back.

For many of us, this is why we incarnated here.   May the Grace of the Wholly Quantum Spirit be with us.   Dream it well my friends.

The Emotional Profiles of our Interdimensional Overlords

This is an attempt to identify the core emotional makeup of some of the inter dimensional beings I have run across.   These are the negative expressions of these races and there will always be those who defy the stereotype.

The descriptions are intended to help us be able to identify the signature of the external source in an emotional or thought manipulation.

As the Shaolin Abbot says in Enter the Dragon:
“The enemy has only images and illusions behind which he hides his true motives.  Destroy the image and you will break the enemy. ”

I only bring up the beings I’ve had experience with:

The Greys, due to their subservience are the masters of denial and cognitive dissonance.  You know that feeling you get after doing something you hate for years and years, like a crappy job.  Abductees have mentioned experiences when the Greys get angry or hostile or even surprised when an abductee breaks the paralysis and acts out.   Also they use guilt, fear and shame as motivational tools to bend your will with the constant programming of humanity is destroying the earth and scenes of massive earth changes.

The Mantids which do have the capacity to feel emotions.  They are also able to illicit emotions in other people, like friendship and trust.  They are a step up from the Greys and are the masters of passive aggressive type manipulation.

I only have had extended contact with the Draco of the reptilian race.  They are your typical sociopaths.  They seem more goal oriented than the more psychopathic or aggressive underlings.   It’s control in both forms, just the Draco are more about gaining consent, usually with an illusion made from your own shadow ego to go with their manipulation.   While for some of the underlings, it’s more about the physical or mental control of and power over a person.  There is much ritual in their culture.

The snake humanoid are the most unpredictable and have a broader range of emotions when it comes to psychic attacks.  There is a cunning about them, like there is more trickster to them than the rest of the reps.

There is a giant plasma powered octopus being that has tendrils around our entire heliosphere.  It is void of emotion and there’s even a physical feeling of being in a void like realm, like bottom of the ocean type of pressure on you when it attacks.  A listlessness comes over you, like being emotionally blinded by it’s ink when it’s released into your energy field.

I do feel like one of the beings that played with our DNA is lost in our collective awareness somehow.  He acts more like a schizophrenic than a god almost like his mind has been fractured, through some dark spell.  Like parts of Osiris that have been artificially but together to make a shadow Horus.  There is a certain body odor that comes with an encounter with this being.  Smells like crazy and can create a very ungrounded state.   His appearance is still masked from me, but it has a mechanical arm and will hum as he operates on you.

There are other beings that exist in a pure mental realm, but the mere thought of them can be a form of consent as they are connected to our creation and existence.   Inner silence must be attained before one is ready to deal with them.

The act of reading any post or comment is not to be used as a form of consent in any way, shape or form.  7(7pi\BABAY)

The Grey Hive Mind

Why do the Greys pick some people to be abductees and others left alone?

Darrel Sims will tell you it’s due to either a Cherokee or Celtic heritage in a person’s DNA.  Others such as Dr.David Jacobs will tell you in light of the diversity of the abductees, a pattern has not been discerned.  Since there is a lack of consensus among alien and abductee researchers, I will throw my hat in the ring.

The reason the Greys take certain people and not others is due to abductees having latent or active telepathic genetic markers in their DNA.

When the Greys mind meld with you, which is that awesome experience when they go all close talker and those black, liquid eyes are centimeters away from your face.  Their general state is one of insufficient life force, so you can feel them starting to feed off your energetic stability as they approach.  Then the connection is made like a subtle piercing of a membrane.

The flood of lifetimes of slavery, swimming in the bodily fluids of the cows and humans for food, the never-ending search for and manufacturing of viable genetic hybrids, and the ever-present passive aggressive feeling the Grey hive mind harbors flood your spirit, completely overwhelmed by the sickness that they call their lives.  Their hive-mind consciousness all to eager to add to the hive, skewing your awareness into this weird subservient, dissociative state.

This process due to the level trauma this mind meld creates or by some other occulted phenomenon in the nature of awareness we just don’t comprehend yet it happens.   Although not necessarily a physical implant but an etheric or some part of our electromagnetic field gets premaritally changed by this encounter.  Corrodo Malanga, an Italian alien abductee regression hypnotherapist and researcher called this real time link with the aliens Active Alien Memories.

Here’s a link to his work which I highly recommend for anyone interested in this phenomena.

Eve Lorgen, another great source of knowledge on the alien phenomena posted a great introduction to his work on her website.

This aspect concerns the aliens desire for immortality, by living within and through us. Malanga reports it as many abductees stated while in regressive hypnosis, “The aliens live across us and our mind. “(Alien Cicatrix, p. 21-26) Here, many symptoms of the alien abductees were such that they felt, “not of this world” or recalled other lives as an alien. Or dual liveʼs as an alien. (EL–being transferred to an alien body and working with them.) The alien memories Malanga calls, Active Alien Memories or AAM. These memories comprise also(all) the lifetimes that a particular alien may have been a passive part of, while being “parked” inside many different “abductee” body/carriers throughout long spans of time.

The more naturally psychic of us are chosen to be a part of the hive mind.  Using our own gift of awareness and our innate ability to create, they cyphon off a bit of awareness so we subconsciously will them into existence in this realm.

I believe they plan to use abductees as an interface into the collective consciousness of humanity and then drive reality using abductees as the 3-D interface.

The reason people often feel more psychic after encounters.   Also there’s a strategic value to take your opponents strength and turning it into a weakness.  Dr. Jaocbs quotes the Greys as saying, “Soon we will all be together and everyone will know their place.”  LOL

This is unacceptable for those of with two or more neurons firing off no matter how many Dr. Greer’s there are out there preaching alien salvation.


This is a kind of a perversion of 100th monkey effect, which we all know how much the lost ones love to pervert everything and anything they can influence.


MilAb’s and Breaking through the Programming

This a description of some of my “missions”  involuntarily working for the inter dimensional beings.  At the time,  I considered these experiences to be dreams even though they were strikingly real in detail and scope.  Actually I hoped they were dreams.  I was what you would call a “bad person.”

The “dreams” were filled with scenes that could be described from almost a first-person shooter video game.  I was this non-thinking, very fast, very efficient soldier.  Most of my missions involved taking out installations, assassinations or repelling an invasion force.  I would always be killed it seemed or if I did succeed in fulfilling my mission I would just explode in a ball of white light.  During the day in freshman-sophmore years in high school, when the dreams first began, I would remember these dreams kind of fondly as I was a force to be reckoned with.  Finally I could lose myself in the moment and let that all that anger and madness of being abducted throughout my childhood flow through my body almost like plasma, making more than human.  There was a certain purity in my movements like I was a part of the environment around me.  I had found some peace being in that “zone” but it was as a remorseless killing machine.

The setting would change all the time.  Although sometimes, it seemed I was in the future.  There was a certain darkness that pervaded this world.  I hated this place.  It was dead place, yet it also pushed me to remember my core personality during these missions.  This manifested as the first time I heard my own inner voice in any of the psychic asset-super soldier dreams.

Having completed my primary mission of destroying an airfield and surrounding hangers,  I was running and shooting between military style barracks.  I could feel bullets whizz by and feel the impact of the wall, dislodging some of the building into my back as I quickly rounded a corner.  I pause a moment to collect myself.   Some soldiers get the angle on me, so I make a break for the next set of barracks across a field in between the buildings.  I engage the “enemies.”  However I run out of ammo half-way through the crossing. I drop my weapon and just stand there waiting to be killed as the soldiers surrounded me.

A jeep pulls up with a large fellow with what looked like a cyborg with metal machinery covering half of his body to go with his mechanical arm and a camera like device covering his left eye and side of his head.  He gets out of his jeep stares at me.  He says he has to much honor to kill an unarmed man in a thick German accent and throws his gun on the ground.  This puzzles me.

Everything my superiors had told me was how inhuman the enemy was, to show no mercy because they are without honorand  to kill with no remorse.  He wants to fight like civilized men, so we square off unarmed.  I quickly dispatch the cyborg leaving him flat on his back with a surprized look on his face.

I pick up his gun and say “I don’t” then proceed to fire a burst of his rifle in his face.  After that the military dreams started to upset me.  My inability to feel emotions scared me to my core.  I was lost in bloodlust during these experiences and somewhat enjoying the power I felt from that state of mind.  This was a feeling I could not let seep into my waking life.

I’m not sure what happened, but soon after that, I was myself there as in I could hear my own inner voice.   I would “wake” mid-mission, stop what I was doing and start attacking my superior’s bases and installations.  I would be so ashamed of what I done as most of the people in that world had no more free will than a doll.  I joined up because we were supposed to save the world from the oppression.  Instead the very machinery we were going to use for enlightenment was used to suppress freedom and creativity.

Part of me thinks this could have been some sort of high tech dream training as there was a 2-d qualtiy to some of the dream players.  Or it’s some real life Ender’s Game type scenario used by some inter dimensional beings to do god knows what.

Dream Prisons and the Epoch Center

To say that Experiencers have a different dream life than most people would be an understatement.  It’s a mix of of abductions, visitations, astral travel and spiritual warfare.  Sometimes these dreams slip into our waking life, coloring the day with the emotion so powerfully felt in the the dream whether it be wonder or dread.  Other mornings, there are unexplained marks on our bodies, ranging from bruises, new scars, scoop marks or in my case burns.

So what is really going on in these “dreams?” Do we believe what science and wiki tells us, that “dreaming is a random by-product of REM sleep physiology and that it does not serve any natural purpose?” Many in the science and medical fields will tell us our experiences are due to various sleep disorders and fantasy prone personalities. lol Just because certain effects in the lab can recreate the vague sense of a presence in the room or seeing fleeting lights, how does this explain the ridiculously intense, emotionally scarring sequence of events that an experiencer feels, after the initial “face coming out of the dark” or seeing figures around your bed.

Yet many of the experiences of abductions or encounters that seem more than a dream yet less than real, full of acrid smells or paralyzing pain. To the other side of the spectrum with dreams having a back seat driver point of view experience where you are more or less just a witness to the events.

I have often wondered if there’s a type of programming being utilized through the receptive aspect of our dream state.  This would be done through some version of what Duncan Cameron speaks of and helped to program, a frequency based  REM heterodyning technological capable of hacking one’s dream awareness.

This type of technology has been disclosed by Donald Marshall and Aug Tellez. They describe a literal hell on earth existing in the underground bases of the shadow government where the privileged few play god, indulging in every sadistic idea they can conceive with people’s dream bodies or essence. Somehow these machines are able to zero in on particular people’s dream body or hack their right temporal lobe, extracting their awareness from the dreamer and placing it in a clone body of themselves. (See Aug’s website: for further examination)

But that’s very fringe, right? How could anyone influence our dreams?

Here’s a video showing patents for this type of technology.

Although none of the tech specifically mentions affecting dreams, they do mention multiple patents on machinery designed to influence and manipulate the nervous system remotely.

Some of my dreamscapes

A colleague made me aware of a podcast done by Dr. Shmuel Asher done by Randy Maugans’ and Off Planet Radio.

TriUnity Series with Dr. Shmuel Asher-Episode 7: Dream Abductions and False Places

The story I want to reference is his recollection of a series of recurring dreams that he felt was some sort of virtual reality. I found this fascinating due to my own experience and one of the dystopia dreamscapes I visit with some regularity. It’s very close to real life in scenery and yet… There’s something off about it.

Dr. Asher recalls the “dreams” not feeling like dreams, but of a different physical world, yet somehow he knew he didn’t belong there. He would wake up in an victorian style home, slowly progressing to an exploration of the house over the five dreams he had in a two week span.

Near the end of this event, his grandmother relayed an oddly similar experience to his own, detailing the same feeling of it being real and yet not right with the same scenery of victorian houses and in a modern time period. Interestedly enough, his grandmother did not enjoy the experience and called out to God to remove her from this place. She was whisked away and that was the end of her travels to this “world.” She also relays that two of her neighbors are “dreaming” the same situation. With the other people’s experiences having come to light, Dr. Asher prayed to his God and asked for protection. His travels to this faux land stopped occurring.

What struck him the most from his experience was the presence of other people. Were these people real as in other people dreaming like he was or just products of the dream? Did these other people realize they were dreaming or worse, were they trapped there, ignorant to their own imprisonment?

As a child, my family and I went to a certain amusement park in Florida when I was eight. I still remember this dream I had while staying in one of the resort hotels. My family and I were trying to get on the last train out of the amusement park. They made it on but I missed it somehow. I was really worried about losing them, about being trapped. The gates closed and I was left there.

Oddly enough, I have still have nights spent in that dream reality. It’s the feel of the place, it’s energetic signature, like what agent Smith was talking about when he said, “It’s the smell,” that I have learned to recognize. Of course it’s a bit more a police state than here and I only seem to have partial recall that I’m dreaming, more like a lingering question or someone looking at me.

The night after first listening to Dr. Asher’s experience, I went back to my amusement park dreamworld. I had the typical boring dream there, running errands, just witnessing events. One of the details, Dr. Asher states is the dropped feeling he had coming back into his body, like his dream self had mass and impacted his physical body when he returned. That morning I felt like I slammed back into my body, like I was dropped.

Meditating on this, the dream and the repeating dreamscape, I wondered if I was in the same boat as the trapped people from Dr. Asher’s experience. I realized there was a part of me still lost at that amusement park and that there was an intention to keep me there.

This particular park is full of connections to a certain secret society is among the greatest influences on a child’s development through it’s media and merchandise.

I bring this up for other targeted individuals to scan their own dream memories and see if a similar theme or series of events has happened to you.  The continuous landslide of artificial vibrations buries the wisdom of our ancestors, masking our true connection with the clown face of toxic foreign entanglement from the electromagnetic goulash of modern life, turning our brains to ramen noodles, trapping our awareness in synthesized reality.

And what of the more enigmatic entities that visit us in our dreams?  The inter dimensional beings seemed to have figured all this out as evident of the mind control experiencers describe.  But how long has this gone on and what is the depth of this influence on our being?  Is humanity and its dreams being used as a virtual reality “golden corral” for various inter dimensional beings to graze and nibble on us like a shitty overpriced airport hotel breakfast buffet while we fly miles above or below our true reality in a state of artificial dreamtime, not even aware of what we’ve lost.

It’s quite possible that all of things are going on, and more we don’t know about yet.

What is hopeful is our ability to discern, the power of our own Free Will and our connection to the Creator in relation to freeing our awareness out of these astral realties. May Grace be with us and give us the courage to face the trials ahead.


I am a life long experiencer having dealt with many inter dimensional/extraterrestrial entities, satanic ritual abuse, milabs and the targeting that comes with these experiences.

Most of my life, I dealt with all this by myself, which only kept the memory blocks and confusion active.  I am offering my services as a consultant for “etheric” implant removal, inter dimensional interference and soul retrieval on a donation basis to listen and maybe provide counsel.

I have played and learned from the mystery of chi and life force through the lenses of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, the Celtic and Toltec traditions, cranial-sacral and bodywork techniques for the past 16 years.  Currently.   I am a licensed massage therapist.

Thank you for your interest.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.