My Brief 15 seconds of UFO Fame and Motivation for Sharing my Experiences

Last year, about this time, I woke up with what felt like second degree burns.  

I went to a clinic later that day.  The doctor did not know immediately what it was.  She said it was an allergic reaction to something outside which would be logical but I did not work outside the day before.

I got some burn creme because I know what poison ivy does to me.  This didn’t feel like an allergic reaction.  It never itched.   Having been burned before, this was the closet pain I could relate to it.

It could have been a very aggressive case of shingles, maybe I was compromised immunologically due to stressful abduction experiences. However I had blisters forming within hours and still have scars from the burns.  There was also burns on my legs and arms that were smaller, in straight lines that do not correspond with nerve pathways.

Who knows…. different people I know have their own way of explaining my experience away.  I had heard of people getting marks and bruises from abductions, but I got trashed physically.  Mentally, I was swaying from “Holy shit, I got abducted…they are real!” to “Holy Shit I got abducted…those fuckers came into my house and burned shit out of me.  F@#%!!!”

I posted some pictures and a brief synopsis of what happened to me on the

There was a little attention whoring going on,  but really I was trying to see if anyone else had received marks like mine and needed to vent.  There were only a couple of people I can talk to about any of this, and even then, they will only go so far.

A producer from a certain ancient astronaut theory supporting studio contacted me about my experiences.  We skyped and I shared my photos and experience.  They were doing a pilot for an alien abduction themed TV series, and I was asked to participate.

Having never, ever thought that posting those photos on the internet would end up putting me on TV, I agreed.  I thought it would be a good experience even though being on TV was way out of my comfort zone, and maybe it would lead to more opportunities in the future.

So there is a passed lie detector test (assessed by an ex-secret service agent), an EEG scan showing no anomalous brain activity and a regression hypnotherapy session of me on film.

I was happy with the results of tests, enjoyed a free trip to hell A and got to see what filming a TV show entails.  I’m not on Facebook or have any social presence but this is my shot to make my mark on the world. (lol)

Then I heard from other researchers about TV shows butchering what was said through editing.

Paranoia started to stir, thoughts of my niece, old friends seeing me twisting and turning in pain during the regression with sprinkled in soundbites taken out of context that would make Shia Leboeuf look stable.

I started writing a book detailing my experiences as a counter to any misrepresentation there might have been of me from the TV show.  It was thought at the time, I would be on the pilot shown across the world via the history channel.

I worked furiously on the book for a month or so, making nice progress, to then get an email stating the studio was no longer considering my material for the pilot.  Whamp whaaa…  My 15 seconds of UFO fame gone, buried in the depths of a studio server.

But I got really into writing my experiences out as the act of writing really helped me process and move past the seeming insurmountable walls of trauma.  Something I highly recommend for anyone who has gone through the abduction phenomenon.   Answers are illusive in this realm of human experience, but one can release the trauma behind the question.

This blog is a way for me to release my trauma and maybe help someone else process their own experiences.

Thanks for reading.  May Grace be with us!