Dream Prisons and the Epoch Center

To say that Experiencers have a different dream life than most people would be an understatement.  It’s a mix of of abductions, visitations, astral travel and spiritual warfare.  Sometimes these dreams slip into our waking life, coloring the day with the emotion so powerfully felt in the the dream whether it be wonder or dread.  Other mornings, there are unexplained marks on our bodies, ranging from bruises, new scars, scoop marks or in my case burns.

So what is really going on in these “dreams?” Do we believe what science and wiki tells us, that “dreaming is a random by-product of REM sleep physiology and that it does not serve any natural purpose?” Many in the science and medical fields will tell us our experiences are due to various sleep disorders and fantasy prone personalities. lol Just because certain effects in the lab can recreate the vague sense of a presence in the room or seeing fleeting lights, how does this explain the ridiculously intense, emotionally scarring sequence of events that an experiencer feels, after the initial “face coming out of the dark” or seeing figures around your bed.

Yet many of the experiences of abductions or encounters that seem more than a dream yet less than real, full of acrid smells or paralyzing pain. To the other side of the spectrum with dreams having a back seat driver point of view experience where you are more or less just a witness to the events.

I have often wondered if there’s a type of programming being utilized through the receptive aspect of our dream state.  This would be done through some version of what Duncan Cameron speaks of and helped to program, a frequency based  REM heterodyning technological capable of hacking one’s dream awareness.

This type of technology has been disclosed by Donald Marshall and Aug Tellez. They describe a literal hell on earth existing in the underground bases of the shadow government where the privileged few play god, indulging in every sadistic idea they can conceive with people’s dream bodies or essence. Somehow these machines are able to zero in on particular people’s dream body or hack their right temporal lobe, extracting their awareness from the dreamer and placing it in a clone body of themselves. (See Aug’s website:https://augtellez.wordpress.com for further examination)

But that’s very fringe, right? How could anyone influence our dreams?

Here’s a video showing patents for this type of technology.

Although none of the tech specifically mentions affecting dreams, they do mention multiple patents on machinery designed to influence and manipulate the nervous system remotely.

Some of my dreamscapes

A colleague made me aware of a podcast done by Dr. Shmuel Asher done by Randy Maugans’ and Off Planet Radio.

TriUnity Series with Dr. Shmuel Asher-Episode 7: Dream Abductions and False Places

The story I want to reference is his recollection of a series of recurring dreams that he felt was some sort of virtual reality. I found this fascinating due to my own experience and one of the dystopia dreamscapes I visit with some regularity. It’s very close to real life in scenery and yet… There’s something off about it.

Dr. Asher recalls the “dreams” not feeling like dreams, but of a different physical world, yet somehow he knew he didn’t belong there. He would wake up in an victorian style home, slowly progressing to an exploration of the house over the five dreams he had in a two week span.

Near the end of this event, his grandmother relayed an oddly similar experience to his own, detailing the same feeling of it being real and yet not right with the same scenery of victorian houses and in a modern time period. Interestedly enough, his grandmother did not enjoy the experience and called out to God to remove her from this place. She was whisked away and that was the end of her travels to this “world.” She also relays that two of her neighbors are “dreaming” the same situation. With the other people’s experiences having come to light, Dr. Asher prayed to his God and asked for protection. His travels to this faux land stopped occurring.

What struck him the most from his experience was the presence of other people. Were these people real as in other people dreaming like he was or just products of the dream? Did these other people realize they were dreaming or worse, were they trapped there, ignorant to their own imprisonment?

As a child, my family and I went to a certain amusement park in Florida when I was eight. I still remember this dream I had while staying in one of the resort hotels. My family and I were trying to get on the last train out of the amusement park. They made it on but I missed it somehow. I was really worried about losing them, about being trapped. The gates closed and I was left there.

Oddly enough, I have still have nights spent in that dream reality. It’s the feel of the place, it’s energetic signature, like what agent Smith was talking about when he said, “It’s the smell,” that I have learned to recognize. Of course it’s a bit more a police state than here and I only seem to have partial recall that I’m dreaming, more like a lingering question or someone looking at me.

The night after first listening to Dr. Asher’s experience, I went back to my amusement park dreamworld. I had the typical boring dream there, running errands, just witnessing events. One of the details, Dr. Asher states is the dropped feeling he had coming back into his body, like his dream self had mass and impacted his physical body when he returned. That morning I felt like I slammed back into my body, like I was dropped.

Meditating on this, the dream and the repeating dreamscape, I wondered if I was in the same boat as the trapped people from Dr. Asher’s experience. I realized there was a part of me still lost at that amusement park and that there was an intention to keep me there.

This particular park is full of connections to a certain secret society is among the greatest influences on a child’s development through it’s media and merchandise.

I bring this up for other targeted individuals to scan their own dream memories and see if a similar theme or series of events has happened to you.  The continuous landslide of artificial vibrations buries the wisdom of our ancestors, masking our true connection with the clown face of toxic foreign entanglement from the electromagnetic goulash of modern life, turning our brains to ramen noodles, trapping our awareness in synthesized reality.

And what of the more enigmatic entities that visit us in our dreams?  The inter dimensional beings seemed to have figured all this out as evident of the mind control experiencers describe.  But how long has this gone on and what is the depth of this influence on our being?  Is humanity and its dreams being used as a virtual reality “golden corral” for various inter dimensional beings to graze and nibble on us like a shitty overpriced airport hotel breakfast buffet while we fly miles above or below our true reality in a state of artificial dreamtime, not even aware of what we’ve lost.

It’s quite possible that all of things are going on, and more we don’t know about yet.

What is hopeful is our ability to discern, the power of our own Free Will and our connection to the Creator in relation to freeing our awareness out of these astral realties. May Grace be with us and give us the courage to face the trials ahead.