Corrado Malanga and the Milab Experience

In the beginning of my remembrance (which would be more accurately described as an acceptance), the majority of my research into the phenomenon focused heavily on the data and analysis from hypnotic regression therapists.  I read the books and watched the interviews of Dr. David Jacobs, Lori McDonald and later an Italian professor of biochemistry named Corrado Malanga.  These courageous people, who have done 1000’s of hypo-regression sessions with 100’s of abductees, would most likely have the broad overview of this topic (Jacobs and Malanga didn’t even charge money for the regressions).  It’s difficult finding any corroborating, scientific method type of studies done on this topic.  There are plenty of experiencers that have have written books but I wanted the macro view of this phenomenon, the larger patterns…

However, my experiences were so different than the white light coming through the window, feeling of floating, meeting grays on a ship, being told how bad humans are, etc.  I didn’t even think I was being abducted by aliens.  There were no bright lights, only a wall or this one shelf that would turn like into a tv screen type of texture and a dragon type face would come out of the liquid blackness and I would dissociate or leave my body.

As a child I thought, these experiences were so morbid and perverted that it couldn’t be aliens, not those nice little fellas from Close Encounters of the Third Kind or even that freaky, tootsie roll looking alien from E.T..  There was always an industrial or a laboratory feel to my experiences, and trauma, lots of trauma.  Trauma so bad I had a stomach ulcer in second grade.  Still I told no one what I saw at night or what happened to me after school.

Thirty years later, I’m staring down the possibility of numerous multi-year missions with Dark Fleet, ICC, and some military group I can’t identify, to which I am still being used.  All the while having a hard time accepting the memories resurfacing, people remembering me from their own experiences, and finally the realization of what I thought were experiences of other people dying I now what I think was actually me killing people psychically while being in an alter personality.   Nothing like a quick punch in the gut to erase that happy-go-lucky, spiritual seeker image of myself.  (Anybody still think it’s cool to be a “super Soldier” now?)

Yet most of the hypno-regression therapists never mention these types of abductions, especially the Quantum Healing style of hypo-regression therapy made popular by Dolores Cannon who declares there are no bad aliens.  It’s the experiencers misinterpreting or not understanding being mind controlled, sexually abused and cloned by our space brothers.  (Personal note: If you’re going to do this type of regression, I would recommend already having a strong spiritual center because as it will reactivate every single implant in you.)

Dr. Jacobs, whose books The Threat and Walking Among Us I highly recommend to understand the type of mental and physical control these aliens have over us, yet never mentions the human element to all this.  The military men seen in abductions turn out to be “security hubrids”, a term Dr. Jacobs uses to describe these emotionless, stone faced security guards.   According to him, these are hybrid clones of aliens and humans who can only focus on the security of the mission at hand and have no other function or personality.

Reading this, made me think about my own state of mind during my missions.  I was robotic, my mind empty, with only the mission’s goal in mind.  Even though I didn’t consciously know what the mission was, just that it was to be completed at all costs.  I was 100% focused on my task.

There was a lack of identity in this “alter.”  I felt like the hand or tip of the finger of something of a much more powerful mind.  That I was merely the instrument of it’s intent.  This consciousness is without feeling, morals or anything human really except the motivation of accomplishing it’s goal.  (Ahhh so that’s what it feels like being under the control of the PPAI, pathological predatory artificial intelligence.  Not something I recommend FYI)

Corrado Malanga is one of the few researchers whose research touches upon this topic. This a quote from his paper entitled, “ALIEN CICATRIX 2” published in 2005 .

There’s no stress and no emotions involved in these war actions: there’s only the idea of having to fight but without knowing the goals… some kind of brain program in which one (the experiencer) doesn’t not even know why he/she is doing what he/she does. One only knows that the others (?) are the bad enemies.

What made me suspicious about these stories is that there was no stress at all: for example no fear of dying while fighting. When re-living these episodes during the hypnotic sessions, something which has never been done before, there always was a clear understanding that it wasn’t possible to die, or that dying was not important.

Moreover there was the recollection of the fatigue which was necessary to perform such actions, like running, jumping, escaping and so on… but there was absolutely no fear!

These dreams seem to somehow belong to a different person, and not to the abductee himself. So it would be the decerebrated copies, or, most likely, reprogrammed copies, to perform such war games.

In other words, it seems that the military is in the process of creating an army made up of abductees’ copies if they were no longer needed by the aliens; so they would reach their goal: the military would use them to keep the New World Order: an army made of zombies to serve the most important Masonic lodges and the big families of tycoons.

What seems to happen is that, when backing up the memories between the copies and the originals, some fragments about these trainings would stay in the abductees’ Mind and, while dreaming, they would subconsciously be remembered.

Validation!!!  Woohoo!  Needless to say, my jaw dropped when I read this the first time.  It was the best description I’ve heard concerning the level of awareness I had during these missions.  Yet still no clue as to what the hell is going on though… what they mean, when they are and what realm are they taking place.

So another question that comes to mind, is whether these security hybrids Dr. Jacobs mentions in his books are not just mind controlled human slaves?  Many abductees report seeing other abductees in a zombie type state of mind, almost like the person’s in a walking coma.  Why couldn’t these “security hybrids” be in this same mind controlled state?  Plus milab experiencers report a big variety of uniforms on these soldiers.  You’d think the security hybrids would just have one uniform, who knows with these tricky bastards…

Prof. Malanga along with Eve Lorgen (another great researcher/experiencer) also bravely touch upon the satanic ritual abuse and bloodline aspects to this.  Interesting as I get a masonic vibe from my current handlers. (all apart of their “Great Work” I’m sure)  Malanga also writes about the existence of clones, a topic I feel will become the focus of the abduction experience in the future.

It’s hard to find is work in English, but Eve Lorgen has a great set of articles on him at:

His work was also made into a movie called Alien Exorcism (2013) in english and 6 Giorni sulla Terra in Italian.  It’s not going to many oscars, but it does accurately portray many aspects of the phenomenon if you’re interested.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Hi Will,

    I have been studying Malanga’s research for about 5 years.
    In my humble opinion, he is the number 1 researcher in the world of the UFO phenomenon having studied over 3500 different abduction cases. The best part of his research is when he switched from talking about aliens to talking about consciousness, that’s the KEY to understanding everything and getting rid of the abduction problem.

    Here is a link to all the English translated documents, very few unfortunately compared to the total of his original work:

    He NEVER charged a penny to help anybody when he was doing the hypnosis for years and all is work is free for everybody to read and study. I don’t know anybody more honest than this man – besides being the ONLY one in the world who really explains and describes consciousness scientifically.

    This is the most important document he wrote, this will help getting rid of the abduction problem and getting back to our original state of fully conscious beings:

    Malanga’s research changed my life beyond any comprehension, I will always be grateful to this amazing man that I consider nothing less than a genius.

    I hope this information will help you and other people, just like it helped me!

    Thank you,

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