Consenting to the Secret Space Program


The text reads: “In his wildest dreams Alex never suspected that tonight he would become…”

Never in his wildest dreams…. Uh huh

At times, it seems we earthly humans are pawns in some astral body-hopping, multidimensional galactic war game of awareness, and yet no matter what level of awareness a person is at, consent appears to be a universal constant pertaining to a individual’s personal power and freedom.

Consent, unfortunately, is actually made at a non-verbal, subconscious level.  It comes from our body and our spirit, so even if one does not remember signing a contract to be abducted by black ops or inter dimensional beings, a desire to for a certain experience will suffice.

For instance, I don’t remember signing a contact at age 7 for a twenty and back tour of duty with Solar Warden.   But I remember seeing the movie The Last Starfighter.  I remember thinking how cool it would be to go and fight evil reptilian overlords for saving not only the Earth but also the entire galaxy.

Might I, in my exuberance to explore space, consented to being in a secret space program.   That wasn’t the purpose of this movie or anything…

Notice the key words in the clip…  “Nothing to be afraid of… Just step into my office.”  The character steps into the vehicle, consent given.   The alien Centauri, says, “Centauri has a proposition for you…”  (I love it when they speak in 3rd person.)

Having re-watched the movie recently, the entire plot line is to get the main character, Alex, to fully commit to be a Starfighter.  “It’s an honor…. only the select are chosen….Save the Galaxy…. leave the trailer park behind….” blah blah blah.  By the end of the movie, you as the viewer are completely convinced Alex should go, leave his home and go fight for aliens.  You would go if you were in Alex’s shoes.  That’s consent.  (You can even come back an abduct your girlfriend as long as she comes with her own free will.)

The aliens used an arcade game to find recruits, and it just so happens the controls of the game were identical to the controls of the starship he piloted.  Hmmmm.  It’s not like the military would ever use video games as tools for training, assessing cognitive dexterity and recruitment in the same way the aliens do in the movie.

Game Controllers Driving Drones, Nukes

Probably much in the same way the Condalezza Rice had no idea that someone could use an aircraft as a guided missile.

Reading Orson Scott Cards, Ender’s Game, struck me harder than any other piece of media I had encountered to that point.  I would get light-headed  almost passing out or while reading it, or I would just fall asleep, waking up with the book falling out of my hand.  This was in my twenties.  The novel left me in a daze for a week or so.  Of course I had no idea why it felt so real to me.  Especially the ruthlessness they instilled in Ender, that really freaked me out.  No one to trust, no one will help you.  (That was the killer I had lurking in my subconscious.  If I was used in one of the SSP’s, then this was an “operator”  or delta alter of mine, the only alter I have a lot of memories from.)

The video game Halo, which I’ve never played, gives me that same uneasy feeling especially since it’s a secret, super soldier program run by the Office of Naval Intelligence. (which offered me a officership when I graduated college)


I will bring down this house of inter dimensional card tricks to the best of my ability fellow souls.  It’s what they trained me for.

*For any 80’s anime fans…  Here’s an oddly pertinent series about a galaxy divided between a feudal german bloodline controlled galactic civilization which inherited many nazi principles and a multi-ethnic democratic galactic civilization.