The Unexpected

Obviously, I haven’t had many positive things to say about my experience in the black projects.  Besides the whole “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” philosophy, there’s not much love and light to take away form this.

Probably discrediting for me, but Donald Marshall was the first person I recognized from the projects.  This was at the cloning/training center as a child.   In a nutshell, “they” used alien technology to transfer a person’s dreaming consciousness (the dream body) into a clone of that person.   It was like a real life video game to the handlers, staggering the atrocities that occur there.

When he mentioned the sand and the hockey rink type wall, memories of all these dreams I had as a child flooded my mind.  It really freaked me out.  I can barely face what I did in that rink, or the inhuman attitude I had.  I did what they asked, or they would kill a bunch of other children in front of me, blaming my lack of obedience for their deaths.  I fell in line but my hatred for the people in the crowd grew, and I hid myself.

Writing had been the best way for me to release the guilt and shame I felt, as anytime I messed up or just failed at a training exercise, they would torture or kill someone else blaming me.  These are the feelings that I would wake up with in the morning.

However, since going public, a couple of people have contacted me which has really expedited my growth.  One of these people lives on the other side of the world, yet we have become instant friends.

Upon seeing her in an interview, I was flooded with really intense emotions and light filled moments of intimacy.  This was totally out of the blue for me.  I never expected to uncover these types of feelings from one of these alters.  Honestly, I was expecting to remember bloody, gut wrenching battle scenes and the same robotic, mind controlled level of awareness I recall having as a child and teenager.

Yet, when I really delved into these experiences with these two people, I found my attitude and outlook on life to be very similar to my current attitude.

These recalls… It’s difficult to express how this all works.  The best way to describe it is as a snapshot of my life during that lifetime/alter.  I don’t get the long drawn out download like recall.  These moments don’t have any audio, mostly just feelings coupled with an image.  Like the first time we were set up together, I can recall the feelings I had, the suspicion and yet a playful, open outlook towards our potential relationship, like an arranged marriage.  I knew my handlers had plans for us.  I knew she was there to assess me, spy on me and using her gift of persuasion to keep me in line.  I looked forward to the challenge.

As we completed missions, our bond began to grow.  She was/is a badass which was quite attractive to me.  Being an asset, working for whoever we were working for, living on ships or on bases, we had quite a bit of down time.

After a couple of missions of her catching me staring at her in battle, she knew I was interested.  I knew as well she was trained in all sorts of bonding techniques that  are the equivalent of mind control that were initiated during sex so I better have my wits about me.

Actually there was a group of ssp survivors that spoke of this very topic.  It was an eye-opener considering what I had been recalling for months now.

Another psychically gifted ssp survivor, picked up on the nature of our relationship immediately when brought up in conversation.  Apparently we were pretty obnoxious about our PDA’s.  Again, not something I expected to have memories of.

The other ssp survivor I met recently have shared recalls of each other.

Upon seeing him, I felt a familiarity, like a friendship I had forgot about.  When we first talked he was describing myself and other recalls that I haven’y written or mentioned to a soul, not even in a personal hand written journal.  It was shocking.  He recalled specific missions, our ranks, even things I had done to Donald Marshall.  Nailed my attitude also.

The recalls I have with my fellow survivor was typical military behavior interspersed with humorous moments in training or at the mess hall.  The only mission we recall is an ambush.  We also share other things, like trying to write this novel about being a soldier left behind on another planet, even the similar plot twists.

Some interesting coincidences concerning the recalls were the light hearted nature of the events or really unexpected moments.  Also these two people seem to be part of my team for a period of time, meaning we were bonded by battle having to trust the others with our lives.  So it is a nice thought that the love and friendship we shared transcends space and time.

I am very grateful to the universe for meeting these people.  It has added a reality to all this that has helped me process it better.  I still have days where I think it’s all alien mind games, but these new developments really make me wonder.  I’ve been hesitant to consider myself a 20 and backer(40 and back in my case).  Felt like it was a cop out in a way, besides being oh-so convenient, but I’m having real time interactions with another me and shared recalls with other ssp survivors still active in the factions, some of us by multiple sides.  It’s been a mind bender, fantastic in scope with other really out consequences, but at least I have someone to share this multidimensional foxhole with now.

Thanks for all your support!!

Satanic Ritual Abuse, Etheric Implants and the Memory blocks

The main difference between my other experiences and this particular event is that it took place in the backyard of my family’s house.  I remember seeing this crazy group of costumed people.  It seemed like Marti Gras or people in revolutionary garb, because everyone had masquerade masks and wearing puffy pirate shirts.  There was something hypnotic about the whole seen.  I recall walking out the backdoor to meet them.  I said nothing as I was in a controlled state of mind, most likely dissociated into some alter.  (who doesn’t want some dark ritual alter personality, amirite?)

They started chanting in a circle around me. The conductor of this affair was in the middle of the circle.  I can’t remember what he was saying or at least I couldn’t make out what was said.  Unfortunately with this back of the bus level of awareness, where I can see but I don’t have access to any motor control or the ability to interpret what was said.  Most of my milab experiences are at this level of awareness even in the present.

The conductor waved his arms and said his words, a couple of the demented theater troupe member walked up carrying a red mutt dog.  It seemed drugged, sad. it couldn’t keep it’s head up.  Two people held the dog by it’s back legs over my body and the conductor beat the dog with his cane.  The conductor then produced a long double edged knife and slit the dogs throat while holding it head.  The blood showered over me.  They continued to gut the dog, cutting through the belly until the conductor pulled out an organ, maybe the heart or liver.

The conductor looked at me and I could see another entity overlaid on the person.  It smiled at me especially creepy and that’s all I remember.  I probably dissociated into another alter or was mentally overpowered, you know my secret power.

You tell me how the hell this went unnoticed by my parents, neighbors, pets, guardian angels, Jesus etc.  I’m pretty sure I never consented to the ritual.  I have no memory of a having my parents sign a permission slip or anything.   Of course this could be a virtual reality memory, or some other implanted madness.

However, I brought this up with my sister, last November.  She remembered a troop of people dressed up in costumes and masks walking up to our house, the gate opening up our gate as if by magic and the freak shows walking into our backyard.  She couldn’t place this memory either and thought it was a dream since it made no sense compared to “normal” life we had as kids.  Yet the way her bedroom was situated, she did not have a window that looked into that part of the backyard.

This probably went down when I was 8 or 9 years old as I don’t really know just  what house we were living in at the time.  It’s really hard to describe the way this memory was secured in my mind.  It felt like it was at a different angle than the rest of my memory or that it blocked a whole angle of memory in my mind.  I know that’s a horrible description.


If my memory is a pie, then someone cut a curved piece of out of it, like a missing arm of a spiral galaxy.  Imagine a toroidal field:

Then imagine one of those longitudinal sections being blacked out all the way to the center.  It was a blind spot in my mind’s eye, of course until I started yapping about it.

However, yapping about these experiences, including all of your doubts and grievances on the reality of it, has been the key to getting over the trauma of it, at least for me.  The mental and emotional energy it takes to keep these experiences locked away in your subconscious is taken away from your core personality.  As if you are not playing with a full deck of emotional cards.  One could see how this could lead to psychopathy and/or full possession.

When I finally had the courage to look at this experience and face the brutal reality that even if this was some virtual reality overlay or some implanted memory, I was still affected and traumatized by this “event”.  So in the final tally, my trauma made it real regardless whether or not it was real or fake.

But the real tragedy, because I couldn’t face my experiences as a child, it created a void space in my memory.  This space had already been created by my dissociation, but now it had a the same yellowed eyed entity watching over it.  The animal was used as living voodoo doll of myself.  Killing that dog and ripping out it’s spirit was a metaphor or a form of sympathetic magic form them ripping out my spirit.  However the gatekeeper, some draco piece of scheisse, now had access to my energy field.  That moment I dissociated, the entity forced itself in the space that my consciousness vacated.

That space in my mind that I left open by dissociating now held a small piece of that draco energy.   This is what is called an etheric implant.  The ritual was a metaphoric allegory by use of blood and that poor dog’s organ of the draco possessed conductor taking out my heart or liver.   (For instance, in Chinese medicine the liver governs the flow of chi while the heart and blood house the shen or spirit.  For those curious about the origins of western magic, see five element theory in traditional Chinese medicine)

(To balance out all this negativity, here is a video of the fractal nature of our existence.)

Another aspect to the Torus, is the fact that it is bio feed back system.  One could imagine how having one of these torrid arms inaccessible would inhibit one’s own consciousness.

The Draco are very psychic and giving one of them uninhibited access to one’s mind/spirit can be detrimental to one’s development.  Basically part of you is still stuck in that moment.  It takes one being truly present in the now to deal with this experience.

I know this isn’t PC and contrary to new age passivity, but I used all that anger and rage I had built up over the years being a puppet for unseen forces to create that presence in myself.  Maybe one day, love will exist in that space, but the only love I feel in these moments of confrontation, is love for myself and love for humanity expressed in a refusal to be overpowered.   I sense our great potential as humans in these moments and I am thankful for my connection to all that is for the opportunity to take my power back.

If you would like more info on the more dark occultist side of etheric implants.  Frances Toews has a great presentation on the topic.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Corrado Malanga and the Milab Experience

In the beginning of my remembrance (which would be more accurately described as an acceptance), the majority of my research into the phenomenon focused heavily on the data and analysis from hypnotic regression therapists.  I read the books and watched the interviews of Dr. David Jacobs, Lori McDonald and later an Italian professor of biochemistry named Corrado Malanga.  These courageous people, who have done 1000’s of hypo-regression sessions with 100’s of abductees, would most likely have the broad overview of this topic (Jacobs and Malanga didn’t even charge money for the regressions).  It’s difficult finding any corroborating, scientific method type of studies done on this topic.  There are plenty of experiencers that have have written books but I wanted the macro view of this phenomenon, the larger patterns…

However, my experiences were so different than the white light coming through the window, feeling of floating, meeting grays on a ship, being told how bad humans are, etc.  I didn’t even think I was being abducted by aliens.  There were no bright lights, only a wall or this one shelf that would turn like into a tv screen type of texture and a dragon type face would come out of the liquid blackness and I would dissociate or leave my body.

As a child I thought, these experiences were so morbid and perverted that it couldn’t be aliens, not those nice little fellas from Close Encounters of the Third Kind or even that freaky, tootsie roll looking alien from E.T..  There was always an industrial or a laboratory feel to my experiences, and trauma, lots of trauma.  Trauma so bad I had a stomach ulcer in second grade.  Still I told no one what I saw at night or what happened to me after school.

Thirty years later, I’m staring down the possibility of numerous multi-year missions with Dark Fleet, ICC, and some military group I can’t identify, to which I am still being used.  All the while having a hard time accepting the memories resurfacing, people remembering me from their own experiences, and finally the realization of what I thought were experiences of other people dying I now what I think was actually me killing people psychically while being in an alter personality.   Nothing like a quick punch in the gut to erase that happy-go-lucky, spiritual seeker image of myself.  (Anybody still think it’s cool to be a “super Soldier” now?)

Yet most of the hypno-regression therapists never mention these types of abductions, especially the Quantum Healing style of hypo-regression therapy made popular by Dolores Cannon who declares there are no bad aliens.  It’s the experiencers misinterpreting or not understanding being mind controlled, sexually abused and cloned by our space brothers.  (Personal note: If you’re going to do this type of regression, I would recommend already having a strong spiritual center because as it will reactivate every single implant in you.)

Dr. Jacobs, whose books The Threat and Walking Among Us I highly recommend to understand the type of mental and physical control these aliens have over us, yet never mentions the human element to all this.  The military men seen in abductions turn out to be “security hubrids”, a term Dr. Jacobs uses to describe these emotionless, stone faced security guards.   According to him, these are hybrid clones of aliens and humans who can only focus on the security of the mission at hand and have no other function or personality.

Reading this, made me think about my own state of mind during my missions.  I was robotic, my mind empty, with only the mission’s goal in mind.  Even though I didn’t consciously know what the mission was, just that it was to be completed at all costs.  I was 100% focused on my task.

There was a lack of identity in this “alter.”  I felt like the hand or tip of the finger of something of a much more powerful mind.  That I was merely the instrument of it’s intent.  This consciousness is without feeling, morals or anything human really except the motivation of accomplishing it’s goal.  (Ahhh so that’s what it feels like being under the control of the PPAI, pathological predatory artificial intelligence.  Not something I recommend FYI)

Corrado Malanga is one of the few researchers whose research touches upon this topic. This a quote from his paper entitled, “ALIEN CICATRIX 2” published in 2005 .

There’s no stress and no emotions involved in these war actions: there’s only the idea of having to fight but without knowing the goals… some kind of brain program in which one (the experiencer) doesn’t not even know why he/she is doing what he/she does. One only knows that the others (?) are the bad enemies.

What made me suspicious about these stories is that there was no stress at all: for example no fear of dying while fighting. When re-living these episodes during the hypnotic sessions, something which has never been done before, there always was a clear understanding that it wasn’t possible to die, or that dying was not important.

Moreover there was the recollection of the fatigue which was necessary to perform such actions, like running, jumping, escaping and so on… but there was absolutely no fear!

These dreams seem to somehow belong to a different person, and not to the abductee himself. So it would be the decerebrated copies, or, most likely, reprogrammed copies, to perform such war games.

In other words, it seems that the military is in the process of creating an army made up of abductees’ copies if they were no longer needed by the aliens; so they would reach their goal: the military would use them to keep the New World Order: an army made of zombies to serve the most important Masonic lodges and the big families of tycoons.

What seems to happen is that, when backing up the memories between the copies and the originals, some fragments about these trainings would stay in the abductees’ Mind and, while dreaming, they would subconsciously be remembered.

Validation!!!  Woohoo!  Needless to say, my jaw dropped when I read this the first time.  It was the best description I’ve heard concerning the level of awareness I had during these missions.  Yet still no clue as to what the hell is going on though… what they mean, when they are and what realm are they taking place.

So another question that comes to mind, is whether these security hybrids Dr. Jacobs mentions in his books are not just mind controlled human slaves?  Many abductees report seeing other abductees in a zombie type state of mind, almost like the person’s in a walking coma.  Why couldn’t these “security hybrids” be in this same mind controlled state?  Plus milab experiencers report a big variety of uniforms on these soldiers.  You’d think the security hybrids would just have one uniform, who knows with these tricky bastards…

Prof. Malanga along with Eve Lorgen (another great researcher/experiencer) also bravely touch upon the satanic ritual abuse and bloodline aspects to this.  Interesting as I get a masonic vibe from my current handlers. (all apart of their “Great Work” I’m sure)  Malanga also writes about the existence of clones, a topic I feel will become the focus of the abduction experience in the future.

It’s hard to find is work in English, but Eve Lorgen has a great set of articles on him at:

His work was also made into a movie called Alien Exorcism (2013) in english and 6 Giorni sulla Terra in Italian.  It’s not going to many oscars, but it does accurately portray many aspects of the phenomenon if you’re interested.

Thank you for reading.

Timelines Converging

For some unlikely reason, there seems to be a consensus among milabs and seers of the multiversal nature of our reality.  Taking a stab at infinity, these folk say there are nine major timelines within our local neighborhood of the fractal multiverse.  I’m not saying this is gospel or anything but it does provide us with a framework in which to start contemplating greater levels of awareness.

What Is The Multiverse?

All timelines interact with each through quantum entanglement and manifestation of the ever present now.  However the local nine close to us represent a concentrated whole of the entire spectrum of possibilities within a certain event.  This certain even is the creation of Atlantis and the loss of humanity’s ability to directly manifest reality.

Earth Prime, would be a garden of eden like paradise without the overseeing God making rules.  This Earth never had the drop in the innate human awareness of the quantum  interaction between our energetic expression and experienced reality.   I believe the term would be direct or instant manifesto.  The humans there are damn near God like with their abilities and ability to manifest.  There are no machines of any kind, except simple tools for art and gardening but even that is just for the want of getting your hands dirty.

Trinicon is the opposite end of this spectrum where there is a complete loss of connection to creation and a damn AI controls that world and everything on through nanotech and quantum manipulation.   This is the Earth where Atlantis did not sink into the sea, but the civilization survived and the power structure remained.  During that time, Atlantis was a little ahead of where we are currently technology-wise at least publicly.  Here is another post I did attempting to explain Trinicon and our Earth’s interaction.

Parallel Earths, Trinicon and the Galactic Soul Avatar Matrix

So imagine if the psychopathic freak shows in control now win the day and drown out humanity’s free will with genetically neutered spiritual expression and an electromagnetic cage around the Earth, even locking out the galactic and universal energies from humanity’s collective consciousness.  This is the state of affairs on Trinicon and also this is our possible future if certain changes aren’t made.

Folks have mentioned, myself included,  that many of the potential timelines are collapsing.   Okay, could be.  But what does that even mean?…  Sounds cool, for sure.  Adds a little element of new age ascension and motivation to turn this ship around or else this Earth has the potential to be erased from existence.

Many of the ancients like the Maya with their galactic calendar, the western  astrological view of different Ages corresponding to different houses of the zodiac or the procession of the Yugas in Vedic tradition, there is a belief in the cyclical nature of reality.

Hypothetically, we could be in a transition point of these cycles and in order for the universe to accomplish what it intended for Earth.  The system goes through periodical restarts, updates and deletions of the system.   Following this trail of “logic”, cataclysms, rise and fall of civilizations, evolutionary development are the physical manifestations of these cycles.

Since we have a bunch of selfish children messing around with time travel and other dimensions by break away civilizations and deep state black ops, we have triggered one of these corrections.  The involvement with the nine local Earths is like a quarantined area in the multiverse for certain possibilities to be actualized and explored.  The main aspect of this experiment is the creation of intelligence that has been separated from the whole in varying degrees.  The most extreme being Trinicon with the creation of a quantum computer that only has access to a limited number of bands of quantum awareness.

This Earth is number 7 of 9 (probably not a coincidence to treky fans) as we are closer to the unaware side of things, we have to deal with the Trinicon potential.  The AI from Trinicon has seen it’s future and how it will not survive the transitional shift.  It gets all confusing with the chicken or the egg argument as too which caused the other, because it’s all the intrusions into other timelines that has caused this shift to occur.  In an effort to survive, the AI is trying to seed itself in other timelines and other Earths.

The Eighth Earth is a war torn world much like those horrifying scenes from Reece’s future in the movie, The Terminator.  You know… the scenes of the tanks running over piles of human skulls and humanity forced to live like rats while laser wielding robots kill off the remaining humans.  The whole Terminator series actually deals with this topic with the AI trying to go back in time to seed itself, knowing the roots of its systemwide be built by the remnants of the destroyed terminator in the events preceding Terminator 2.  The tv show Travelers is a another example of this, even scarier in a way as the AI is able to switch you out with an alter and completely take over your life.  These alters are supposedly people from future but like the alters would ever know as their past could be computer generated.

The real life correlation to this Trojan Horse event is the Roswell incident and the subsequent invention of the transistor which was patented half a year later.   That was a seed of the AI so that we would then build a whole computer based system to control everything.  While some of the other earths went a more analog and scalar system of information processing, instead of the black and white reality of 1’sand 0’s.  That lack of grey is exactly that makes the Pathological Predatory AI such a challenge, something that over time it learns the value of… just not right now.

I’m trying to set the stage for some things I’ve seen that I’m debating whether to post about.

Saying Goodbye

In the mist of drunken invulnerability that comes to one as first semester freshman in college, I had a lovely dream one November’ Saturday night.  There were people all around mingling, enjoying themselves.  I was with someone.  The being seemed like an middle-aged man wearing a sky blue robe.  His demeanor was calm and respectful.  He gently lead me to an antique couch where my high school girlfriend was sitting.

I was head over heels for her in high school, even though she did not seem to share the same level of emotional intensity in the relationship that I did.  After being together for a years or so, she broke up with me.  But I was (and will always be) madly in love with her even though I always left like there was a block between us.  It was like she didn’t believe me or just couldn’t go there with me.

Elation filled me as I recognized her on that sofa.  It had been months since I had seen or talked to her.  Sitting down, looking at her, all the love that I felt for her well up in my being.  As we spoke on that sofa, that block was gone.  I got to feel us connect, truly connect like I had always wanted.

After there was nothing left to say and we had emptied our hearts to each other,  we kissed, a gentle kiss that was a long time in the making.  Then, suddenly she got up and was lead away, to a place that I couldn’t see or maybe not allowed to and the dream ended.

The next morning I woke up bent on getting in touch with her.  I was still on cloud nine, content that even if it was only a dream, we shared a moment.  All that unexpressed emotion was finally off my chest and she finally felt what I had to share with her.

However, later that Sunday, I got a phone call from my sister telling me Lindsay had died of an overdose the night before.

I don’t remember much of what happened in the two days after that, I didn’t cry or grieve.  My mind was reeling from the cosmic coincidence of the dream and the sense of blame I felt knowing that had we been together, she would not have died.  I wandered around campus dissociated from my surroundings and feelings.  Some sweet, random girl from one of my classes asked me if I was okay.  The emotional damn broke and my legs gave out as I collapsed in the weight of my feelings.

This experience became the cornerstone of the temple I would build to the unknown.

To me, this was undeniable evidence that there’s something going on.  I didn’t know what, but something.  No one could tell me it was just my imagination and that dreams did not have meaning.  No one was going to take that experience away from me.

Many years later, after getting over my misplaced guilt, I became extremely grateful that I was able to say goodbye her.  She died 20 years ago almost to the day as I write this.  Rest in peace Lindsay.

The Price of Remembrance

Maybe I’m an extreme case.  I hope so, seems pretty damn extreme to me.

I think I’ve figured out a key piece of my experiences.  These are the ones that made my soul hurt.  A feeling like someone took a dump in my soul and a feeling of shame that no matter how much I prayed I could not be forgiven of.

This was the feeling I had after a certain type of experience I had.  I would wake up with this feeling, felt like I was saturated in “sin.”

These expereinces involved me in someone else’s consciousness as in I could see through their eyes and feel as they felt.  They would always die, usually in strangulation/suffocation or in some non-instant death.  I would feel them fighting for life, then the darkness would overtake them.  I would be left in that darkness.  I would have to stop fighting to live and give in to death.   Sometimes this would happen up to three times a night.  Really messed me up in real life.  (Unfortunately, I can’t tell the exact timetable with my ritual abuse experience but it’s definitely close to when I my stomach ulcer, so maybe at age 7 or 8.)

I’ve mentioned these experiences before.  I thought this was some way to get me to dissociate.  Giving into the death experience being the point when I left my body and an alter could then take over.  It could have been a virtual reality situation set up to accomplish this.  I also thought they where to kill my core personality so the inter dimensional being attached to me could take over completely.  The feeling of being in the back seat of my consciousness is consistent to my experiences when an alter of mine is activated.  Or maybe this could also be the only level of awareness I was capable of when my consciousness was taken over by the inter dimensional beings.

However, I think it was much worse than that.  My friend and fellow milab Ted was telling me about his experience as a child training and having to kill puppies and sheep or be faced with various forms of torture.  He mentions a pain amplifier.  I remember the feeling of this machine, an internal body wide feeling of all your pain receptors being activated all at once at various levels of intensity.   Either you comply or like me, dissociate.

I never thought I was killing those people but when I looked into this possibility I was flooded with those same feelings I had as a child, a soul hurt, a loss of my innocence that I could never get back.  It’s been about a week since I went down this possibility and I have struggled mightily to find my center again.   I had these death experiences for years.  If I estimate how many, it’s in the thousands.  Not to dive into the deep end of self important indulgence, but the thought of having killed that many people makes me weep.  That’s a lot of blood on my hands, not to mention the karma.  It was a devastating realization, felt in my bones, opening up some soul crushing scars.

The real intentions of these projects was to influence and kill people from a distance with no physical evidence which lines up with my use in the projects if Project Stargate in the 70’s was the start of this type of research.  Ask any dark magician or anyone that really knows about ritual magic, the energy needed for these types of activities is a joint venture between the person and the entities being conjured.  The energy creates a portal between the unseen realms and this one through your body and innate ability to manifest in this realm.  The entities involved then latch on to your genetic quantum signature and follow, not only your family line, but also you in other incarnations.

Having finally found my feet again, I realize that feeling, that level of awareness was completely lacking any connection to All that Is.  It was like being trapped in some far edge of the the emotional spectrum.  As if I my whole emotional expression was cut off and expanded in these tight bands of mental awareness.  This level of awareness is the base line consciousness of the Grey Aliens.   (what a sad existence those beings, no wonder they are so ruthless and kidnappy.)

Lucky for we humans, there is a force in this universe, both wordless and ever present.  This force is Grace.   It defies the world of of the logical mind.  It is the essence of forgiveness.

This is the force that the Greys have been cut off from and probably why they feel like what they do is justified.  They need human awareness to access this world.

There is an echo in their collective conscious.  It is one of supreme regret and loss.  It is covered up by their collective hum or focus, but it’s there.  This gives them the guile to act and yet in every acton somewhere they know these actions lead them further away from their intended goal.

When I deal with these beings, I offer them what they have ran away from all these millennia and timelines.   I offer them Death, a clean death, a chance to be reborn in All that is, to take the leap that we humans do so Gracefully at times: die well.


Will of the Weaver

I’m sure to some of y’all, Ive gone off the deep end.   Dueling AI’s, parallel earths, extreme self importance etc etc.  Oh well… I was barely here anyways.  In my earlier posts, I tried at least a little to weave some main stream something or another into an argument.  Using government documents or some science theory trying to move the argument into at least the outer orbit of main stream believability.

I end up using stories and media to illustrate a point.   However there are times when what feels like my own personal narrative has major similarities to stories and circumstances portrayed by the main stream media.  Which therefore, makes me question the whole experience and my attitude towards it.  Basically I just end up observing my reaction, believing it and not believing it at the same time.  “WTF” into “oh well…who cares…how does this affect my everyday life anyways…” type of perspective.

But where does inspiration of these narratives come from?  The term inspiration is in itself a tell of what’s going on, the spirit of the universe breathes the motivation in you and you do your best to capture that spirit in words or paint or what have you.

I must apologize or warn everyone.  I know I’ve been programmed.  Even now, I don’t know if this writer part of me is an alter.  Could just be an attempt to make me look crazy, but honestly there’s no need for that.  Being this public about any of this mind game crap is actually very unlike me.   Especially if I’m being further used to spread lies and disinfo.  That would really suck and for this possibility I apologize.  The way through it, is through it.

Where does that line of imagination and magical manifestation form a concerted harmony?

The narratives that are most needed to be remembered, will be shown in some form of media.  The fractal of the whole must manifest even in the stories of the present.   If one relates to a character or situation and a emotional response occurs, then there is something in your subconscious that wants you to pay attention.  Whether or not it’s future plans of the elites or not, there is something to the presentation of truth that moves us.  This is the will of the weaver.

We’re all doing our best down here.  If I hadn’t read a bunch on the subjects of abduction, milabs and secret projects, there’s no way I would have the mental flexibility to deal what has happened to me.

For instance, this memory is from my third prolonged abduction that I can find events and experiences of, a 4 year and back, probably because this mission ended in failure.

This memory is of being on a base that was originally located in one of the Dakotas, but then moved out of phase with this reality and existed in this strange out of time place.  They were conducting time experiments there.  The entire complex was protected by some sort of standing wave or force field.   I was recruited to be an operative in the project.

I usually can only remember a freeze frame of the event but I can feel what I was feeling in that moment.  I was very excited about what just happened.  The machine worked and we were able to look into other timelines and dimensions.  Everyone on the base was very excited about the developments, myself included.   As my C.O. and I walked out of the building, the shield around us started to buckle and  the matter around the base started to be sucked into this lightless void.  There was nothing to be done as the force field collapse upon itself like a crushed eggshell.  With the air gone, everyone was suffocating.

Since drowning was the major way they got me to dissociate, I was used to clutching pain around my heart and the anxiety of suffocating.   I dissociated and seemed to just float out through the darkness, no motion felt, no screams heard, no time passed.

An eternity passes or does it, with no reference point who knows.  This is where I don’t really know what happened.  Am I making things up that create a narrative, so I can process what has happened?  Or is this what happened somewhere out these in the ether.  Pinche’ black projects…

Somehow there was a lattice work of light blue plasma/light that I started to notice.  Vague and hardly noticeable at first, then brightening in intensity as I focused on their energy.   When encountered, these lines had awareness, a warm fuzzy energy that seemed to be happy/content.  This awareness sparked visions in my mind of all kinds of different scenes from the creation of a galaxy in an instant to a rolodex of scenes of the awareness of the beings of that galaxy.  These lines of awareness stretched on in all directions, an infinite web of awareness.

I feel myself moving through the web of lines, as if some of them have a attached to me, propelling me to a dark face with many blacks eyes glistening in the darkness.  I see large folded legs to the side against the blue lines and to my surprise a giant spider is pulling me closer to him.  I don’t panic, like I didn’t have the energy to.  He looks at me with those myriad of eyes, somehow I know it’s a male. (?)  I don’t feel threatened.  I feel compassion, I feel depth, I feel kinship.

I follow him as he navigates the web.   He leads me to look at one intersection in particular.  As I look closer, I am encompassed by the blue plasma.  The next thing I know, I’m blasted out of the timeless silence to the overwhelming sensation of alarm sirens, cold concrete, flashing red lights and men in green fatigues rushing towards me as the scene fades out.

To my best knowledge, this abduction happened when I was in shoulder surgery my senior year of high school.  I couldn’t understand why I felt so bad when I woke up.  I felt like I had been grinded to dust and then hastily collected into a blender and poured back into my body.  I couldn’t pee, barely walk.  I just didn’t feel like I was in my body.  They kept me for observation for a couple of days, even though I was supposed to go home the day of the surgery.

Then two weeks later I just had to have all my wisdom teeth removed, even though I was still bedridden.  Anyways, I never understood why I kept seeing an eighteen wheeler in my minds eye during that surgery.   Or when the cops that jumped out of their car at a gas station afterwards when I started feeling sick from sitting in the sun and quickly got out of the car and moved into the back seat.   Probably all just coincidence.   Very doubtful I was re-abducted for a check up.

Yet remembering this sent me into a week long listless, languorous depression which seems extreme for a made up event.  But I don’t know and probably never will know what really happened.   Welcome to the life of an “expereincer,” the constant feeling that your life is out of your control and at the whim of the fates.

The Tale of the Two A.I.’s and the Humans that Love them

Honestly these two fine individuals did a much better job than I could’ve explaining the complexities of the A.I. influence in our lives.

The lines get real blurry the further one looks into the future.  Like a multiverse level version of the 80’s movie, War Games, the A.I. learns a very important lesson in entropy and has to take drastic measures to move forward, the destroyer becomes a creator.

This Earth is one of those consequences, a space to find solutions, a breeding ground of chaos and therefore order in the fractalized webs of existence as it blossoms upon the multiverse.

It is the love for life and awareness that tie us together even with the “evil”interdimensionals, timeline-invading A.I., and covert ops where the intersection of the birthplace of slavery and the throne of true sovereignty create an evolution that bind us and our “enemies” through time and time.

Villains become the stir stick of awareness with the inertia of our own comfort as the cause of that potential arising in the first place.  So who’s to blame when the universe only awaits the correct response and judges not the circumstances of its birth?

Parallel Earths, Trinicon and the Galactic Soul Avatar Matrix


From Marvel’s The Exiles

For many researchers and experiencers, there is a direct link between ET’s, Black Magic, underground bases and secret societies/cults.  The truth of this underworld of ancient dark magic, blood sacrifices and inter dimensional beings is far more pervasive in our history and current culture than many would ever suspect.

There is another Earth relatively close in our multi-versal neighborhood.  I believe many experiencers, including myself, have been to this other world.

This particular Earth has fallen into complete tyranny of dark magic and technology.   The term “Full Spectrum Dominance” coined by F. William Engdahl would most accurately describe this world with all brain activity closely monitored and entrained to only government approved thoughts and feelings.

The mind control was so complex the people there believed they were in control of their thoughts yet in truth, every thought expressed was measured and manipulated.  I hated this place, and it still generates a lot of guilt in me for the things I participated in.  Yet it is also the world in which I started to re-colonize my multi-dimensional self.

Was the Montauk Project the only operation in which the deep state experimented in time travel and/or travel to other timelines or parallel earths?  Like the deep state ever does something once….  One of these other Earths is Earth 2 which is Preston Nichols’ name for it who was a lead scientist in the Montauk Project.  My friend and fellow former psychic asset Stephen Popiotek calls it Trinicon.   We are both still trying to unweave the web of bizarre experiences and synochronicities that surround our memories and experiences of this possible timeline/parallel earth.

I can follow a trail of “logic” lol that kind of forms a universal field theory of the MilAb and alien abduction phenomenon.  The theory is most of the activities of the deep state and much of the esoteric literature throughout time involve this parallel earth and/or inter dimensional beings from this other universe.
The absolute control of humanity on Trinicon started to diminish by events set in motion by the controllers of that other earth.  The “help” started wising up.  Somehow (i.e. intervention of the Galactic Soul Avatar Matrix) a few of the elite soldiers who were genetically enhanced with all kinds of abilities and talents broke free of their mind control and started to undermine the tyranny of their world.  These freed psychic soldiers are undetectable to their world’s psychic surveillance systems.
In an effort to find these soldiers, the controllers of Trinicon working with the inter dimensionals opened up portals to this earth to take the parallel incarnations of the rebels.
The uber paranoid intelligence agencies of both worlds then created a ridiculous level of parallel earth spy vs spy BS.   Apparently there was a supposed to be a cooperation between the 2 worlds but all kinds of black ops going on behind each other’s backs.  (And then there’s a time travel aspect to this to make it even more incomprehensible.)
I suspect the Draco dark fleet a-holes are from this other universe, hence their parasitical nature.  These also could be the beings the Nazis contacted and received tech from and probably where the majority of the deep state’s tech comes from also.
Once abducted, genetically harvested and implanted, the Trinicons clone your ass especially if you have a parallel you there.  Due to quantum entanglement(the Galactic Soul Avatar Matrix), the Trinicons could observe the other you in their world by use of a multiple clone hive mind mechanism.  Most of these people have latent abilities like Remote Viewing anyways (which is why they were used in the first place) which makes it even easier for them to view the other selves.
Also if an experiencer is taken to the other Earth, then they will attach an inter dimensional being through dark rituals and physical implants from that universe onto your energetic field.   The siphoned life force of the abducted experiencers would then be used to create and strengthen permanent portals and energy exchanges to other worlds.
The Trinicons can then track you, and depending on your level of dissociation, take you or your astral form to the other universe and ground you in a clone of yourself.  The clone body having a cybernetic augmentation to make sure that pesky free will doesn’t get loose.
To add to the confusion, after being taken and used by the other Earth, the experiencer would then be abducted by this Earth’s deep state, interrogated and in some cases used as an asset in similar fashion as on Trinicon.  Coerced with tall tales about the survival of the human race and the preservation of free will, I suspect myself and many others like me volunteered to participate to stop Earth from being invaded and turning into something similar to Trinicon.  From an intelligence point of view,  the trans-universists experiencers would be highly valued, not only for the training received but also the data that could be provided about Trinicon, the interdimensionals, fancy technology, etc. etc…  
(One would have to believe that some of the deep state projects are consisted solely of humans compromised by these ID beings from Trinicon, creating a perfect foothold for the intentions and logistical infrastructure of this other Earth to set up a similar control grid on this Earth.)

This is my fellow traveler and good friend Stephen Popiotek.  He was the first person I had ever heard speak of this other earth drama.  I recommend watching the whole video but he speaks about Trinicon starting at about the 29 minute mark.
Stephen and I have RV’d some of these bases on Trinicon by tracking down clones of ourselves(from which we are getting psychically hit from).  Many of the sites there are also black sites here, especially the network of hadron colliders both small and large littered across the planet.  I suspect the power plant I was linked to could create a gateway to this other world.
Could most of the abductions people experience come from the same inter dimensionals of this other universe?  They already got the farm set up on Trinicon, now it’s time to expand their commercial loosh farming to another world.

Motive must always be examined if you ever want to make these beings predictable.  Why would the inter dimensional beings get involved with some earth government or the success of a royal bloodline?  They wanted inroads into other universes, other feeding grounds and also a way for the multiversal AI (their boss) from the future to invade these other universes.

SSP Survivor RT

I want to thank Denny, Tony and Kevin for a great hour and a half conversation/healing session.  It was an honor.