Black Magic, Aliens and Ritual Abuse

Is there a connection between black magic, aliens and ritual abuse?…

From my experience with all three, there are a couple of main themes that these confused a-holes all share.

The first theme they all share is a desire to keep their intentions and actions in secrecy.   Otherwise, the “aliens” would be landing on the white house lawn and the satanist would have huge, televangelistic churches worshipping the “god” of this world.    (never mind on the latter point)

The second is the use or manipulation of another person’s life force against their free will for goals and agendas that the individual being vampirized never agreed to participate in.   Whether it be lying about where the collection plate offerings go or the taking of eggs, fetuses and sperm from “experiencers,” both parties take liberty in perverting what is whole.   They are both trying to turn everything into their image.   (I’ll show them a f*@#%#^$ image)

The third theme is the use of trauma based mind control to completely  subvert the spiritual sovereignty of an individual. and most damaging long.

Due to the wholly artificial and extraordinary nature of being abducted, there is a great amount of emotional intensity associated with the alien abduction experience.  If the experience is more than the conscious mind can handle,  a person can shift into a dissociated state of being in order to escape the trauma being inflicted in the moment.  The trauma still exists in the body’s physical memory, but the mind has been shielded to keep the emotional shock from killing the person.

This is the deer in the headlights response that certain prey animals go into when they are being eaten alive.  The dissociated  state is what the aliens and black magicians are seeking in their ritual abuse victim.  This is the perfect state to create an alter personalities that work in service of the coven/cult/agency or in the aliens case, downloading a library of alien memories and knowledge into the persons mind.

The emotional intensity of participating in a blood ritual or the abduction phenomena creates a response of such neural activity and intensity, that level of activity is not normally reached in everyday life and an emotional barrier forms.  Cognitive dissonance is the mechanism to keep this all tidy in a person’s mind.    One must have true emotional fortitude to face, access and clear this trauma.

May Courage pump from our heart into all those experiences and may we stand in the full power of our forgotten presence from which we are untouchable to these dark manipulative forces.