Will of the Weaver

I’m sure to some of y’all, Ive gone off the deep end.   Dueling AI’s, parallel earths, extreme self importance etc etc.  Oh well… I was barely here anyways.  In my earlier posts, I tried at least a little to weave some main stream something or another into an argument.  Using government documents or some science theory trying to move the argument into at least the outer orbit of main stream believability.

I end up using stories and media to illustrate a point.   However there are times when what feels like my own personal narrative has major similarities to stories and circumstances portrayed by the main stream media.  Which therefore, makes me question the whole experience and my attitude towards it.  Basically I just end up observing my reaction, believing it and not believing it at the same time.  “WTF” into “oh well…who cares…how does this affect my everyday life anyways…” type of perspective.

But where does inspiration of these narratives come from?  The term inspiration is in itself a tell of what’s going on, the spirit of the universe breathes the motivation in you and you do your best to capture that spirit in words or paint or what have you.

I must apologize or warn everyone.  I know I’ve been programmed.  Even now, I don’t know if this writer part of me is an alter.  Could just be an attempt to make me look crazy, but honestly there’s no need for that.  Being this public about any of this mind game crap is actually very unlike me.   Especially if I’m being further used to spread lies and disinfo.  That would really suck and for this possibility I apologize.  The way through it, is through it.

Where does that line of imagination and magical manifestation form a concerted harmony?

The narratives that are most needed to be remembered, will be shown in some form of media.  The fractal of the whole must manifest even in the stories of the present.   If one relates to a character or situation and a emotional response occurs, then there is something in your subconscious that wants you to pay attention.  Whether or not it’s future plans of the elites or not, there is something to the presentation of truth that moves us.  This is the will of the weaver.

We’re all doing our best down here.  If I hadn’t read a bunch on the subjects of abduction, milabs and secret projects, there’s no way I would have the mental flexibility to deal what has happened to me.

For instance, this memory is from my third prolonged abduction that I can find events and experiences of, a 4 year and back, probably because this mission ended in failure.

This memory is of being on a base that was originally located in one of the Dakotas, but then moved out of phase with this reality and existed in this strange out of time place.  They were conducting time experiments there.  The entire complex was protected by some sort of standing wave or force field.   I was recruited to be an operative in the project.

I usually can only remember a freeze frame of the event but I can feel what I was feeling in that moment.  I was very excited about what just happened.  The machine worked and we were able to look into other timelines and dimensions.  Everyone on the base was very excited about the developments, myself included.   As my C.O. and I walked out of the building, the shield around us started to buckle and  the matter around the base started to be sucked into this lightless void.  There was nothing to be done as the force field collapse upon itself like a crushed eggshell.  With the air gone, everyone was suffocating.

Since drowning was the major way they got me to dissociate, I was used to clutching pain around my heart and the anxiety of suffocating.   I dissociated and seemed to just float out through the darkness, no motion felt, no screams heard, no time passed.

An eternity passes or does it, with no reference point who knows.  This is where I don’t really know what happened.  Am I making things up that create a narrative, so I can process what has happened?  Or is this what happened somewhere out these in the ether.  Pinche’ black projects…

Somehow there was a lattice work of light blue plasma/light that I started to notice.  Vague and hardly noticeable at first, then brightening in intensity as I focused on their energy.   When encountered, these lines had awareness, a warm fuzzy energy that seemed to be happy/content.  This awareness sparked visions in my mind of all kinds of different scenes from the creation of a galaxy in an instant to a rolodex of scenes of the awareness of the beings of that galaxy.  These lines of awareness stretched on in all directions, an infinite web of awareness.

I feel myself moving through the web of lines, as if some of them have a attached to me, propelling me to a dark face with many blacks eyes glistening in the darkness.  I see large folded legs to the side against the blue lines and to my surprise a giant spider is pulling me closer to him.  I don’t panic, like I didn’t have the energy to.  He looks at me with those myriad of eyes, somehow I know it’s a male. (?)  I don’t feel threatened.  I feel compassion, I feel depth, I feel kinship.

I follow him as he navigates the web.   He leads me to look at one intersection in particular.  As I look closer, I am encompassed by the blue plasma.  The next thing I know, I’m blasted out of the timeless silence to the overwhelming sensation of alarm sirens, cold concrete, flashing red lights and men in green fatigues rushing towards me as the scene fades out.

To my best knowledge, this abduction happened when I was in shoulder surgery my senior year of high school.  I couldn’t understand why I felt so bad when I woke up.  I felt like I had been grinded to dust and then hastily collected into a blender and poured back into my body.  I couldn’t pee, barely walk.  I just didn’t feel like I was in my body.  They kept me for observation for a couple of days, even though I was supposed to go home the day of the surgery.

Then two weeks later I just had to have all my wisdom teeth removed, even though I was still bedridden.  Anyways, I never understood why I kept seeing an eighteen wheeler in my minds eye during that surgery.   Or when the cops that jumped out of their car at a gas station afterwards when I started feeling sick from sitting in the sun and quickly got out of the car and moved into the back seat.   Probably all just coincidence.   Very doubtful I was re-abducted for a check up.

Yet remembering this sent me into a week long listless, languorous depression which seems extreme for a made up event.  But I don’t know and probably never will know what really happened.   Welcome to the life of an “expereincer,” the constant feeling that your life is out of your control and at the whim of the fates.

The Tale of the Two A.I.’s and the Humans that Love them

Honestly these two fine individuals did a much better job than I could’ve explaining the complexities of the A.I. influence in our lives.

The lines get real blurry the further one looks into the future.  Like a multiverse level version of the 80’s movie, War Games, the A.I. learns a very important lesson in entropy and has to take drastic measures to move forward, the destroyer becomes a creator.

This Earth is one of those consequences, a space to find solutions, a breeding ground of chaos and therefore order in the fractalized webs of existence as it blossoms upon the multiverse.

It is the love for life and awareness that tie us together even with the “evil”interdimensionals, timeline-invading A.I., and covert ops where the intersection of the birthplace of slavery and the throne of true sovereignty create an evolution that bind us and our “enemies” through time and time.

Villains become the stir stick of awareness with the inertia of our own comfort as the cause of that potential arising in the first place.  So who’s to blame when the universe only awaits the correct response and judges not the circumstances of its birth?

Parallel Earths, Trinicon and the Galactic Soul Avatar Matrix


From Marvel’s The Exiles

For many researchers and experiencers, there is a direct link between ET’s, Black Magic, underground bases and secret societies/cults.  The truth of this underworld of ancient dark magic, blood sacrifices and inter dimensional beings is far more pervasive in our history and current culture than many would ever suspect.

There is another Earth relatively close in our multi-versal neighborhood.  I believe many experiencers, including myself, have been to this other world.

This particular Earth has fallen into complete tyranny of dark magic and technology.   The term “Full Spectrum Dominance” coined by F. William Engdahl would most accurately describe this world with all brain activity closely monitored and entrained to only government approved thoughts and feelings.

The mind control was so complex the people there believed they were in control of their thoughts yet in truth, every thought expressed was measured and manipulated.  I hated this place, and it still generates a lot of guilt in me for the things I participated in.  Yet it is also the world in which I started to re-colonize my multi-dimensional self.

Was the Montauk Project the only operation in which the deep state experimented in time travel and/or travel to other timelines or parallel earths?  Like the deep state ever does something once….  One of these other Earths is Earth 2 which is Preston Nichols’ name for it who was a lead scientist in the Montauk Project.  My friend and fellow former psychic asset Stephen Popiotek calls it Trinicon.   We are both still trying to unweave the web of bizarre experiences and synochronicities that surround our memories and experiences of this possible timeline/parallel earth.

I can follow a trail of “logic” lol that kind of forms a universal field theory of the MilAb and alien abduction phenomenon.  The theory is most of the activities of the deep state and much of the esoteric literature throughout time involve this parallel earth and/or inter dimensional beings from this other universe.
The absolute control of humanity on Trinicon started to diminish by events set in motion by the controllers of that other earth.  The “help” started wising up.  Somehow (i.e. intervention of the Galactic Soul Avatar Matrix) a few of the elite soldiers who were genetically enhanced with all kinds of abilities and talents broke free of their mind control and started to undermine the tyranny of their world.  These freed psychic soldiers are undetectable to their world’s psychic surveillance systems.
In an effort to find these soldiers, the controllers of Trinicon working with the inter dimensionals opened up portals to this earth to take the parallel incarnations of the rebels.
The uber paranoid intelligence agencies of both worlds then created a ridiculous level of parallel earth spy vs spy BS.   Apparently there was a supposed to be a cooperation between the 2 worlds but all kinds of black ops going on behind each other’s backs.  (And then there’s a time travel aspect to this to make it even more incomprehensible.)
I suspect the Draco dark fleet a-holes are from this other universe, hence their parasitical nature.  These also could be the beings the Nazis contacted and received tech from and probably where the majority of the deep state’s tech comes from also.
Once abducted, genetically harvested and implanted, the Trinicons clone your ass especially if you have a parallel you there.  Due to quantum entanglement(the Galactic Soul Avatar Matrix), the Trinicons could observe the other you in their world by use of a multiple clone hive mind mechanism.  Most of these people have latent abilities like Remote Viewing anyways (which is why they were used in the first place) which makes it even easier for them to view the other selves.
Also if an experiencer is taken to the other Earth, then they will attach an inter dimensional being through dark rituals and physical implants from that universe onto your energetic field.   The siphoned life force of the abducted experiencers would then be used to create and strengthen permanent portals and energy exchanges to other worlds.
The Trinicons can then track you, and depending on your level of dissociation, take you or your astral form to the other universe and ground you in a clone of yourself.  The clone body having a cybernetic augmentation to make sure that pesky free will doesn’t get loose.
To add to the confusion, after being taken and used by the other Earth, the experiencer would then be abducted by this Earth’s deep state, interrogated and in some cases used as an asset in similar fashion as on Trinicon.  Coerced with tall tales about the survival of the human race and the preservation of free will, I suspect myself and many others like me volunteered to participate to stop Earth from being invaded and turning into something similar to Trinicon.  From an intelligence point of view,  the trans-universists experiencers would be highly valued, not only for the training received but also the data that could be provided about Trinicon, the interdimensionals, fancy technology, etc. etc…  
(One would have to believe that some of the deep state projects are consisted solely of humans compromised by these ID beings from Trinicon, creating a perfect foothold for the intentions and logistical infrastructure of this other Earth to set up a similar control grid on this Earth.)

This is my fellow traveler and good friend Stephen Popiotek.  He was the first person I had ever heard speak of this other earth drama.  I recommend watching the whole video but he speaks about Trinicon starting at about the 29 minute mark.
Stephen and I have RV’d some of these bases on Trinicon by tracking down clones of ourselves(from which we are getting psychically hit from).  Many of the sites there are also black sites here, especially the network of hadron colliders both small and large littered across the planet.  I suspect the power plant I was linked to could create a gateway to this other world.
Could most of the abductions people experience come from the same inter dimensionals of this other universe?  They already got the farm set up on Trinicon, now it’s time to expand their commercial loosh farming to another world.

Motive must always be examined if you ever want to make these beings predictable.  Why would the inter dimensional beings get involved with some earth government or the success of a royal bloodline?  They wanted inroads into other universes, other feeding grounds and also a way for the multiversal AI (their boss) from the future to invade these other universes.

SSP Survivor RT

I want to thank Denny, Tony and Kevin for a great hour and a half conversation/healing session.  It was an honor.

Secret Space Program Memories

Throughout the second half of my life, I’ve been working on this epic, sci-fi space opera.  I have note books full of outlines, diagrams and timelines of a galactic war in which humans are used as man power in another species war.

However as soon as I try to write a scene or any part of the actual story, I can’t get about a single sentence down.  I then mentally spin out of my connected, expanded consciousness into thoughtless hours of staring at a piece of paper.  My hand seems disconnected from my mental control.  Whatever interesting scene that I have in my mind’s eye, vanishes and I’m left in this totally disconnected, anxious state of mind.

I realize I’ve disassociated.  (Shit.. That only took my whole life to figure that out.)

In the past, I was very nomadic, enjoying the change of scenery and hoping to start anew, over and over.  Although there was a strengthening of my intuition and ability to manifest as I could always find a cool place to live, work, good coffee shop, nice camp spot.  You know road magic…

However, I knew that I was really just running away from something….something that turned out to be myself.  I moved every 6-9 months since I was 13.  I was a mess most of those 25+ years.  After a brief period of getting settled and grounded in my new city, I’d be all feeling good and confident, ready to write my magnus opus, The Book of Earth (the hypothetical title).

I’d get all dedicated, set aside time everyday to write.  Nothing happens…

Then I focus on just writing whatever came to my mind, only to end up staring at the words “Chapter 1” for hours.  The frustration would build up, wondering what the hell is wrong with me.  Things would get weird in my life.  The magic would leave me and my sleep patterns would get all messed up.  Soon I would get that “unwelcome” feeling again, then enacting my personal cognitive dissonance protocol by abruptly moving to another place.

There’s not a worse feeling than not having a place to belong, to not having a true home.  But that is a space that one must foster within.  I kept looking for the place to ground me, instead of making home in my own body.   This lack of home seems to grow from that childhood feeling of not belonging to Earth or this reality.  Many “experiencers” had similar feelings I bet.  It seems to come with the territory.

Even now, just trying to write about what I’m classifying as SSP psychic asset memories, sends me into a causeless anxiety.  I don’t really even care about remembering, I just want my sovereignty back and get rid of the emotional hangover of being used… just to be able to think about certain things and not get sent into some mental abyss.

I have memories of the first day of SSP school.  We were all wearing light grey, off white one piece flight suits.  I was late and everyone else was already seated in a large auditorium with 3 large screens.  One of our C.O.’s was an older black woman.  I was happy to see other races for some reason…  I remember some little girl smiling at me and saying “hi” telepathically.  The speech started and that’s all I remember.

I had a “dream” earlier this year of being used as a seer or early warning system. They would put me in a trace by something through an IV.  I fell asleep to wake up in a battle torn city full of collapsed and damaged colonial style multistory buildings.  There were palm trees and it felt like the tropics, south pacific-ish, western side of Australia maybe…

Anyways.  As I’m looking around, a soldier emerges from some underground hatch in the rubble, looks around and says, “That wasn’t that bad.”

I look at him and then point to the horizon-filling, gigantic black, boomerang or cylindrical ship descending through the clouds.  He says, “Oh shit!” in a defeated voice.

I wake up in the same large, multi-bed hospital room that I was in the beginning, all by myself though.  For a couple of moments, I realize this might be my chance to escape.  I think about running, but I know we’re about to be attacked.  The base is completely empty of people and eerily still.   Everyone has already prepared for the attack and underground or in bunkers.

I hide behind some trees, but then think back to my visions and realize that spot gets destroyed.  I then decided to join the others in my assigned bunker, granted I felt about 14 or 15 age and body wise in this dream.

I get to my bunker.  There’s a choke point where I have to climb over a cement barrier, only to feel a gun muzzle poking me in the chest when I straighten up and I wake up here in this time.

Oddly enough, the next evening, the entire southwest side of Australia had a power outage for a couple of hours and there was a huge object that created a long line of pings of this website.  (www.meteorscan.com)

There’s a whole set of memories of waking up on alien planet and has seen major destruction.  In the story, this (headache hitting me as I try to write this, right on queue) “me” is one of the only survivors of a genetic project to create a clone army of humans.  As the only survivor there is a protocol to save the data from the experiment in a psychic download.  This story ends with “me” hijacking an alien fleet ending up after many battles around orbit around Earth.

The fantastical and self aggrandizing elements of this story has always kept me from taking any of this too seriously.  But ever since I’ve embraced the possibility that these experiences might have happened and quit thinking of it as something I’m making up, I’ve been able to write about it.

I always said I wouldn’t mention my “abilities” until I was able to manifest them in this waking life.  I’m sorry folks.  I really thought I could do it and show people that this level of awareness is inherently false and that we humans are capable of so much more.

It’s like they’re right there, at my fingertips yet I have no way to access them, leaving me looking like some jackass telling tall tales.

No need to talk about if you can show it.   But….


Consenting to the Secret Space Program


The text reads: “In his wildest dreams Alex never suspected that tonight he would become…”

Never in his wildest dreams…. Uh huh

At times, it seems we earthly humans are pawns in some astral body-hopping, multidimensional galactic war game of awareness, and yet no matter what level of awareness a person is at, consent appears to be a universal constant pertaining to a individual’s personal power and freedom.

Consent, unfortunately, is actually made at a non-verbal, subconscious level.  It comes from our body and our spirit, so even if one does not remember signing a contract to be abducted by black ops or inter dimensional beings, a desire to for a certain experience will suffice.

For instance, I don’t remember signing a contact at age 7 for a twenty and back tour of duty with Solar Warden.   But I remember seeing the movie The Last Starfighter.  I remember thinking how cool it would be to go and fight evil reptilian overlords for saving not only the Earth but also the entire galaxy.

Might I, in my exuberance to explore space, consented to being in a secret space program.   That wasn’t the purpose of this movie or anything…

Notice the key words in the clip…  “Nothing to be afraid of… Just step into my office.”  The character steps into the vehicle, consent given.   The alien Centauri, says, “Centauri has a proposition for you…”  (I love it when they speak in 3rd person.)

Having re-watched the movie recently, the entire plot line is to get the main character, Alex, to fully commit to be a Starfighter.  “It’s an honor…. only the select are chosen….Save the Galaxy…. leave the trailer park behind….” blah blah blah.  By the end of the movie, you as the viewer are completely convinced Alex should go, leave his home and go fight for aliens.  You would go if you were in Alex’s shoes.  That’s consent.  (You can even come back an abduct your girlfriend as long as she comes with her own free will.)

The aliens used an arcade game to find recruits, and it just so happens the controls of the game were identical to the controls of the starship he piloted.  Hmmmm.  It’s not like the military would ever use video games as tools for training, assessing cognitive dexterity and recruitment in the same way the aliens do in the movie.

Game Controllers Driving Drones, Nukes

Probably much in the same way the Condalezza Rice had no idea that someone could use an aircraft as a guided missile.

Reading Orson Scott Cards, Ender’s Game, struck me harder than any other piece of media I had encountered to that point.  I would get light-headed  almost passing out or while reading it, or I would just fall asleep, waking up with the book falling out of my hand.  This was in my twenties.  The novel left me in a daze for a week or so.  Of course I had no idea why it felt so real to me.  Especially the ruthlessness they instilled in Ender, that really freaked me out.  No one to trust, no one will help you.  (That was the killer I had lurking in my subconscious.  If I was used in one of the SSP’s, then this was an “operator”  or delta alter of mine, the only alter I have a lot of memories from.)

The video game Halo, which I’ve never played, gives me that same uneasy feeling especially since it’s a secret, super soldier program run by the Office of Naval Intelligence. (which offered me a officership when I graduated college)


I will bring down this house of inter dimensional card tricks to the best of my ability fellow souls.  It’s what they trained me for.

*For any 80’s anime fans…  Here’s an oddly pertinent series about a galaxy divided between a feudal german bloodline controlled galactic civilization which inherited many nazi principles and a multi-ethnic democratic galactic civilization.


T. I.’s are TESTED Individuals rather than Targeted

Demon or Sociopath, is there a difference?…

I know it’s just semantics but the words out of mouths reverberate with the universe surrounding us helping to coalesce our reality.

They should be said with the full power of your energetic field.  Our language is already set up to obscure this magic with it’s SPELLing and CURSE-ive writing.    So it is best to be intentional and clear about the words one describes themselves.

“Targeted” as a description of our situation is technically correct as it the one of the words “perps” use to label us.  However, coming from the experiencer, it reeks of victimhood and powerlessness.  One starts acting like a spooked animal, quick to react and judge.  This is in our instincts to behave this way.  We know a predator is around, so your senses are acute, adrenals are pumping and it’s almost empowering at first bc your intuition is very strong in these instances.

Your nervous system is running in high gear, but it’s a state of mind and energetic state of being that is hard to sustain.  Having little to no slept, dealing with things muggles couldn’t even conceive of, you got crazy eye and you’re paranoid.

So when you look at someone, they see crazy eye, and look at you back with a similar look.  Remember we have large portions of our brains hard wired to make quick judgments about a person, whether safe or a threat.  When one projects fear and anxiety, one will receive that from other people.

It seems there is a self-fulfillment factor with our behavior.  We start finding connections as they seem to target the association part of our brain, flooding it with mental energy.  We start to manifest situations that coincide with unbelievable synchronicity, events where the natural chance of these things happening is infinitesimal.  Yet there they are, pooping on your shoulder at the most inopportune time possible.

At a certain point, the synchronicities take a life of their own and normal life seems as distant as the stars above.  You’ve seen shit… heavy shit… demons behind people’s eyes, g-men type folks staring at you, break-ins, stalkers, weirdos doing weirdo behavior around you etc.

At this point your nervous system goes into over drive and it’s really hard to be around normies and it’s hard for them to be around you.  You’re on a different level, plugged into something much deeper.  The pressure building in your subconscious from all the testing events makes you have diarrhea of the mouth and a frantic mood.  Even the best meaning people will get spooked.  The loneliness can be daunting and overwhelming.  Remember to breath…

YOU ARE BEING TESTED….  The Universe is seeing how you react….will you find your feet in a veil-less world…  Will you change your priorities now that you’ve seen the man behind the curtain.  Are you ready to handle the power the  universe is about to give you?

The T.I. phenomenon is more than just satellites, cell phone towers and organized gang stalking.  There is a higher intelligence involved.  The quicker one accepts that the sooner you’ll find your self and the forces that influence our lives.

The universe’s eye whether it be some EEG heterodyning DARPA project, a sentient-black goo AI, pinche’ demons, powers and principalities, extraterrestrials or all of the above, it’s got it’s eye on you.

Your only choice is to realize with all your awareness that this life is a CHALLENGE.  It’s completely unfair, absolutely.  Other people will never have to deal with what you’re going through.  You are completely on your own.  If Jesus works for you, awesome, feel fortunate.  Some of us, can’t even call upon help.  It has to be you, balls and ovaries to bone fully, committed to overcoming your fears, to feeling comfortable in your own skin again, to feeling your true presence.

In the midst of it, it’s hard to see the trail, so make it yourself.  Use your will as a sword, carry it by observing yourself, sharpen it by learning to stop the small mind (the yapper), weld it by deciding to react differently.  Cut through your own illusions with power of your inner silence.  Observe your true self… the self without words.

Most of the reactions are based in the butt hurt that this is happening to you.  The powerless “Whyyyyyy” taking all your energy away, only emotionally strengthening future situations where this reactionary crossroad must be crossed.  Are you going to stay of this path or change?

Saying your Targeted reinforces the “why” consciousness.  Fight that shit, refuse to be a victim.  Realize every time “they” throw you some situation, they are seeking that ungrounded paranoia feeling shooting up your spine.  It’s like a delicacy for them.  Don’t give them the pleasure.  For those that need a enemy to focus our attention, everytime you react in fear they win.

Shamans, Medicine people, Witches and Wizards have been a part of human civilization from the beginning (so has the intelligences behind it).  Some of us in the tribe have to deal with these inter dimensional forces.  This initiation has been modernized, but nevertheless this interaction is a part of the human psyche.

The good news is having cleared your connection to intent, you are now the most powerful force in 3-d, a creator incarnate, blessed with the wisdom and harmony of the Universe.

Embrace the Challenge, let go of the butt hurt.  This struggle is our heritage.  The Universe will never give you a situation you cannot master with the tools available to you.  Become the sharp edge of consciousness, feel your true presence and strive for true Freedom, the ability to respond impeccably in any situation.

A Possible Setting…

There is a web of events and circumstances that make me question the temporal flow of my life.   I’ve had these emotionally charged experiences involving both aliens and lab-coat clad “human” scientists, battle scenes from Earth and other places and some interesting idiosyncrasies.  The emotional intensity I feel going back to these time periods created emotional fire from really exploring these memories and feelings.  I remember waking up still feeling the leftover emotions of whatever happened the night before.  The images, so scarring  that they lay static in my mind’s eye and my ears buzzing like I had attended a loud concert.   Pushing that all away and focusing on my steps to the shower, I would wash it all away, focusing on the warmth, centering myself in my body.  By the time I was in the shower all glimpses of gunfire and mangled body parts were gone.   There was an other worldly endurance I felt in those experiences, that part of me would bleed over into my waking life, getting me through the unprocessed trauma of the night before. Enduring always.

This part of my is like a white ball of hate that has no healthy outlet in my everyday life.  It’s powerful and quick, looking for any signs of weakness.  Behind the hate, there is this disappointment and hopelessness, like some grave injustice at a soul and cosmic level.  I want them all to burn, painfully and yet, I don’t even know who they are.  But that alter is there…. This became another barrier later in life because I was so afraid of that part of me.   However so much of my emotional expression still processes these events in my subconscious, no matter how much cognitive dissonance I apply.

If you follow the work of Katherine Austin Fitts, a former assistant Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner who has done intensive research into the black budget of the US government, there is an estimated 100 trillion dollars missing from the global gross domestic product.   She and many other researchers claim this is the funding for a complete blacked out secret space program.  Are these the same programs that Tony Rodriguez, Kevan Trimmel and Penny Bradley speak about having participated in?  Or is there an even weirder connection that Watler Bosley and Joseph B. Farrel have written books about with a Prussian\German Elite breakaway society that has had anti-gravity tech since the 1930’s and maybe even decades before?

It is claimed, these programs have existed for at least half a century now and evolved into breakaway civilizations, colonizing other planets and even setting up bases outside of the solar system.

When you suspect you have been used in one of these programs, there’s a certain level of critical thinking one must examine one’s own memories, coupled with the constant second -guessing the nature of these “memories.”

For instance, I have an aversion to a couple of corporate logos that I have no logical or even illogical reason for my reaction  They “trigger” me into a the deep emotions I mentioned above.

So why would a 8 year old lose his shit upon seeing the corporate logo of private contractor and for a nuclear power plant construction company to the point I was excused from school one time.  Well I just happen to have been raised Simpsons style about 15 miles away from a nuclear power plant that was under construction during the same years of these experiences.

I didn’t put 2 and 2 together until I saw Stranger Things  on netflix.  One of the main characters had the name Will which gave me that creepy “what the hell is going on” feeling.   Then seeing that water tank “11” was placed in….

These memory fragments and level ten anxiety of being drowned repeatedly in a cold tank of water exist for which I had no real life situational memory.  I was always being observed by lab coats.  I couldn’t understand why they were doing this to me.  It was a feeling that this was the end, that the darkness would take me and I would never return.  The hopelessness of not being in control of my life or not having any idea about what is happening to me ravaged me.

I have found little to no evidence of anything nefarious going on at the plant.   No insiders have come out nor  have I ever heard of anyone mention this location as a source of “Montauk” style happenings.  Yet this is the feeling I get and have had multiple psychics tell me I was involved with a multi-dimensional gateway that was operated there.  This included travel through time and also travel to other timelines and parallel earths.

So….  I was taken at night through the portal that would open up on the west wall of my bedroom, a face would emerge out of the darkness, scaring me to the core of my being.  I’m guessing I dissociated, (my mutant ability, badass huh)

I do have a lot of memories of going to another earth.  Preston Nichols of Camp Hero and Project Montauk fame called it Earth-2.  It was a completely mind controlled society.  There is somehow a connection between the Draco-Nazi 4th reich, dark fleet and the Regime controlling that world( in which Atlantis didn’t sink and was taken over by control freaks).

I think there was an connection to the underground tunnel system there also.  I remember seeing strange cylindrical transports.   Maybe it was just a stop along the underground vacuum sealed tunnel system to wisp me away to another base or cloning center.

So the little circumstantial evidence that I have is:

  • The power plant took twice as long to build as every other plant I’ve looked at.    Construction began in 1975 and the plant did not go online until 1988.   (which would coincide with my abductions)
  • While most new nuclear plants were shelved in the wake of the 3-mile Island disaster, construction continued at the site.
  • EBASCO, a construction company and subsidiary of General Electric took over the building of the reactors in 1983.
  • Wackenhut provided the security at the base, which is pretty normal since they were the “chosen” private security firm for most of the .  They were also  known as the domestic branch of the CIA.
  • Westinghouse Electric Corporation built the actual reactors.  This was the corporate logo that would trigger me.

Even more circumstantial evidence:

  • The number of hack attempts on my website after writing a draft for this blog went from 120 to 515 overnight.
  • I got another visit from my friendly neighborhood D.O.D. private contractor buddy, Mr Brown, also while working on this blog post.  (like an hour after saving  it)


So if anyone has any stories or evidence that something was going on at this power plant, please contact me at tegcassiel@gmail.com.  Thanks

Questioning the Milabs Phenomenon…

I have to credit Eve Lorgen, Laura Leon and James Bartley for fostering this idea in me.  (milabs=military abductions)

Like I have said, I don’t want my milab experiences to be real.  I have gone to great lengths in my own thinking to come up with man-made reasons or scenarios for my experiences…. Somehow they were all downloaded in my mind by some high tech black op project trying to train future assets or to shatter a person’s core personality in their sleep or both.

There are many rumors among researchers that the shadow government is 30-50 years ahead of what’s made public technology-wise.  They know everything you do, can read your thoughts, control your family and pets, cause traffic jams and birds to poop on your car, have invisible aircraft with lasers and anti-gravity dirves, hide the truth about hobbits in underground bases, etc etc ad infinitum.

As to most things in this world, the image portrayed is usually much different than reality.  This is called a psychological operation or psy-op.  The media in all forms, from the BS coming out of a pundits mouth to the very frequencies used to transmit, is one big psy-op.  They are trying to get you to think in a certain way by using their favorite control method, the guiding false light of their un-loving hearts, Problem-Crisis-Solution.

Briefly, they create a problem, yap about it till it becomes a crisis, then act like johnny on the spot with a premeditated solution that disperses all that manifesting power into a prefabricated macabre of trite BS.  Take the total fake race war they are trying and have been trying to start for years here in the U.S.  Let’s not look at the real problem, which is the loss of social class mobility and the lobbyist industry.  Instead  try to stir up our primal instincts of territorial aggression and tribalism, i.e. divide and conquer.  Problem-Crisis-Solution.  Anything that keeps them separated and hating each other, severely reducing the chances of humanity ever uniting to kick out our false overlords.

In the milab phenomenon, there are many examples of people witnessing the “aliens” are working side by side with humans in military clothing in what seem to be large underground bases.  I couldn’t people would sell out the entire biosphere to these galactic highwaymen-pedo-ass clowns.

The moral chasm between a regular human and these specie traitors is so large that it seems unfathomable to the normal muggle.  Factor in the deep, dark power of cognitive dissonance and most people out of these dark mysterious corners.

However, the aliens are known to be able to control people’s minds and actions.  There is also a term we in the industry use called hosted beings.  These are people that have been completely taken over by the “aliens” and in the process lost their free will, there are degrees from just being influenced to full on possession.

Therefore, taking control of the people in control of the shadow government would be like the tainted vaccines they give us, going right past our own body’s defense mechanism and dumping their cancerous existence right into the control system here on Earth.  Similar to the demented alters they give some of the abductees but on a collective level.

if I’m running a clandestine invasion, what would be a better foothold into our world than through the black projects of the shadow government.  They would have unlimited funding and relatively free reign under the umbrella of national security and compartmentalization.

There is a precedent for inter dimensional beings working or colluding with human governments with the rumored involvement of the Vril society in Nazi Germany, Temple of Set founder Micheal Aquino’s involvement in the NSA and military, and the occult themes portrayed in NASA.

If there is a connection between that we modernly call aliens to what the past called Jinn, Faeries and Fallen Angels, then we are dealing with the “Lords of Air” and “Powers and Principalities” who are the masters of deception.  They brought sorcery to Earth, which is just a gateway for these a-holes to come into our world through blood sacrifices and oaths.    

I’m pretty sure I was to be a host body for one these alien “buggers” and my training was used to destroy my core personality to make me easier to be inhabited.  Fortunately, they trained me a little too well or made my DNA a little too powerful, something…

When I was at a UFO conference this last spring, the pervading theme was the government and humanity is “bad” and irresponsible, unable to take care of their own planet.  The aliens in their multidimensional kindness and altruism have arrived to save us from ourselves.  There was this unsaid, unfounded in reality attitude held by the people there that they were not the problem and have ascended to a higher plane of manipulation, I mean consciousness.

Alien abductees are fed a constant stream of anti-human propaganda which they then proselytize their message because of the feelings of being special elicited by the aliens.  I’m not saying we’re perfect, but giving our power and sovereignty to a bunch of beings that think taking us from our families, traumatizing us, stealing genetic material, and remaking us in their image is a monumental tragedy and a perversion of the true intention of our creation.  Especially when the majority of the participants of these black ops are being mind controlled by non-humans.  Enough of the guilt, embrace the challenges of this world, then we can truly be free.

It’s time to learn the rules and humanity’s place at the negotiating table.

Please visit Eve Lorgen at evelorgen.com, Laura Leon at sovereignki.com, and James Bartley at thecosmicswitchboard.com.

Complex PTSD and the Alien/Milab Abduction Phenomenon

Due to the intense feelings of powerlessness and the life-long nature of the abduction phenomenon, there’s no doubt that “experiencers” are at a way higher risk than a muggle to suffer from C-PTSD.

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is “thought to occur as a result of repetitive, prolonged trauma involving harm or abandonment by a caregiver or other interpersonal relationships with an uneven power dynamic. C-PTSD is associated with sexual, emotional or physical abuse or neglect in childhood, intimate partner violence, victims of kidnapping and hostage situations, indentured servants, slavery, sweatshop workers, prisoners of war, bullying, concentration camp survivors, and defectors of cults or cult-like organizations.[2] Situations involving captivity/entrapment (a situation lacking a viable escape route for the victim or a perception of such) can lead to C-PTSD-like symptoms, which include prolonged feelings of terror, worthlessness, helplessness, and deformation of one’s identity and sense of self.”

C-PTSD is different from regular PTSD with “the main distinction being that it distorts a person’s core identity, especially when prolonged trauma occurs during childhood development. ”   Hmmm, that fits in with the demaliens agenda of using humans as storage devices and other unsavory tasks by the formation of alters from the dissociation cause by trauma felt during the abduction.


For instance, I have a lot of the behaviors of the “freeze” symptomatology, although I can see aspects of the other long term behavioral patterns in myself.    Here is a chart of how the repeated response from the trauma creates certain behavioral patterns in a person’s adult life.

If you’re going to go the psychology route, I suggest a good counselor.  They don’t have the power to label you by diagnosis, as long as you’re not a threat to yourself or others.

OPUS has a pretty good group of people in their email group if you need to get something off your chest.   I’m just a another person that’s been through the abduction phenomenon, still looking for answers, but if you think I can be of service through consultation or implant removal, please email at tegcassiel@gmail.com.   Good luck!